Wednesday, August 16, 2006


You see that? That's my crazy schedule for the semester. The only thing not listed on there is time that I will take to workout/study/eat/take another 3 hours online through correspondence. Math I like, but 2 jobs + 18 hours is Math I don't like thinking about.

Fortunately for me, I got to keep my summer job on campus and still return to the academy. I will be working on campus most during the week and then I will work at the Academy everyday. At the Academy, Sunday through Thursday is tutoring and then Fridays, some Saturdays, and Sundays (before tutoring) I will RA. This is my life, this is my life.

I have been slacking on my working out these past couple of weeks. My car was broken, the pool closed for a week, and now I am waiting on a commuter pass in the mail and blah blah blah. It sucks, because I have only lost 7 lbs this entire summer and if I would have kept up with it these past couple of weeks maybe I could have made 10. That was the goal for the summer at least.

With this hectic schedule and the small meals I will be eating maybe it will help my metabolism. I am expecting to lose weight without a problem as long as I workout at least an hour everyday. It's possible. Yes, I know I talk about my weight a lot but only because I need/want to lose it all. This time it's because I'm going to be in three weddings in the next two years. Three!

First day of classes were nice. I am going to like my Number Theory course. It's an honors class so it's a lot smaller and there is no text book required. Who like not buying text books? Me, Me, ME!

My Political Science professor seems way too unsure about herself. This is her first big class (she is a graduate student here) and you can totally tell. She was really nervous when she was going over the syllabus.

My Biology professor looks like, who I would like to call "my second dad," Tammo in The Netherlands. He seems cool. It's always too soon to tell how any class will go at this point, but I am shooting for Dean's List as usual.

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Do you like this bear? His name is Makwa and he's awesome. I wish he was my bear. I like him a lot. Who doesn't like a bear that's more than half your size?


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