Tuesday, June 20, 2006


...and all arounds.

I don't know where to begin. Spain was cool, but I think I made that clear in the last post. The Netherlands was better though. I will post about that more later when I have pictures and get the chance. It'll be a happy post too. I promise.

As for now I'm upset and need to write out my aggressions. So I'm back in the states. From everything I was hearing in emails while I was in Spain I was expecting to come home with no worries. It's amazing how much lying, shit and crap that can accumulate in 5 weeks of absence.

First of all, my car is shot to shit. The back door is broken, so is the antenna, there was a crazy noise coming from the front tire, and the fans went out. Just today I must have dished out over 500 dollars or so on getting everything fixed. Let me remind you that I have no job right now and I wasn't the one using the car for the past five weeks.

Now, if I wasn't the one using the car and none of those things were problems before I left then why do I have to pay for it? The answer: no one else will. I'm not sure if I want to talk about it anymore because it will only make it worse. It's a long story but one that I don't want to type. I try to be the good person and in the end I'm the one that gets fucked.

Secondly, today I just found out that one of my roommates for the fall decided to bail on me to live with someone else. This was even after I was told not to worry about anything. This was even after I was told that we would still live together. This was pretty much just after I had her word...her promise. I'm always let down by people I never expect to be let down by.

The only good thing that happened to me today was getting my haircut to donate to Locks of Love. At least I can't complain about that. After all it was a free haircut. It saved me a whopping 10 bucks. Oh yeah and it was nice that I got to see Rene. Then again that wasn't so great either. Seeing Rene was awesome but not being able to touch him and having to speak through a telephone the whole time just isn't the same.

When I get back to San Marcos tomorrow I need to get a pass to the rec, do defensive driving, and find at least 2 jobs. Two of those things require money and the last thing indicates that I have no money. What are the odds?

I think I'm going to just drink some cream soda and go to bed. Welcome back to the states, me. I would have been better off in Europe even though they don't have cream soda.


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