Monday, June 05, 2006


So I figured that I should post a little seeing as how I haven´t since right before I left the states. I have very little internet access so I am going to just blame it on that.

So Spain is cool. I like it here. The culture differences amaze me and it´s so interesting. Unfortunately five weeks isn´t enough to teach me all that I want to know about Spanish but it´s enough to make me understand and speak it a little more. It would take much longer here before I became fluent.

I´ve come to the conclusion that five weeks is also not enough to see everything that I want to see. I´m going to have to come back sometime after grad school and find me a novio. There is something in the gene pool here that the states is lacking because Spanish boys are so hot (minus all the ones that have mullets...gross). I don´t know if I want to talk about it. All I know is that I want one.

So far we (Michelle and I) have been to Salamanca, Burgos, Segovia, Madrid, and we live in Valldolid. My two gig memory stick for my cybershot definitely came in handy. I have some really good pics so far and a few video clips. Segovia was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. Unfortunately we didn´t spend a lot of time in Madrid but we at least got to go to the Prado museum and the Reina Sofia museum.

I would talk more about these places but there is just so much to say and so little time. We have this week of classes and next week and we´re done. That means that we have two weeks till we are back in the states. This coming weekend we are going to Barcelona and it´s going to be bad ass. More importantly we are going to Amsterdam the last weekend we´re here. I´m fucking stoked. All in all it´s been a great trip and we still have shit to look forward to.

Michelle turned 21 while we were here and that was nice. I turn 21 this July and it´s going to be wonderful. If everything goes as planned (which it should) it´ll be fun. So far we want to get the inflatible boxing rings with the summo wrestlers outfits and the huge boxing gloves. We should be having at least two kegs and Clare wants a margarita machine. And it´s at Clare´s place. I can´t wait.

So yeah I miss my car, gardettos, ranch dressing, San Marcos, american money, and I kinda miss working. Then again when I get back to all of that in the states I´m going to miss a lot of Spain. I´m going to miss the fucking oranges here the most. If you have never had an orange from Spain than put it on your list of this to fucking do before you die. It´s so worth it. More importantly I miss my friends and my mom.

I´ve written enough. Love, peace, and chicken grease.


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