Thursday, April 13, 2006


because the only reason I am posting is to bitch.

This semester sucks monkey nuts. Big ugly red hairy ones too. I'm pretty ticked off right now. First and foremost, I won't be making Dean's list this semester. (Fuck!) My Communications Research and Methods class is lame. I fucking hate the material, therefore, I don't like to read for class. Thus resulting in not an A.

I just got out of an English Test that I totally blew. I stayed up all night studying for it too! I read all of the required readings, made bad ass side notes, and knew that shit like the back of my hand. The multiple choice was a breeze.

However, I ran out of time and didn't get to finish my fucking essay. I was so freaking paranoid about the introduction that I re-fucking-wrote it like 4 times. I didn't finish making my third point and the conclusion was non-existent. I will most likely get a C on the test, but only if I'm lucky. (Lately my luck has been no bueno too.)

My last spanish test was way fucking hard and I got a C on it. I hate life. Half of the material that I studied wasn't even on the test and the stuff that was on the test hardly pertained to the chapters it was supposed to be over. Currently I'm making a B in there but the chances of making an A in the course are fairly high.

Calculus 2 is actually going well I guess. It's hard and a lot of work, but I will get a B in the course. I got an 89 on the test that I took yesterday. That's actually the only thing that I should pat myself on the back for. I brought that average up from a 78 to an 83 in the past 3 weeks.

This week was far too overwhelming. Between two really stressful tests, working 48 hours, and losing a good friend in Iraq, life has been sucking it up. Though I blew my English test, my Cal test went well and now that those are out of the way it leaves me time to stress about my semester GPA.

On the bright side...

I love my job at the boarding school. Though it takes up most of my time I love the kids that I work with. Koreans are so interesting/entertaining. I have a cool boss, I have fun, I do cool things with them, and I even get to swim on some days. I couldn't be happier there. Beats the old RA job by far; God knows -that- bitch was crazy.

Upon leaving the rec on tuesday I ran into someone from the dorm that I haven't seen since I moved out of there and she told me that I've lost weight! That's always nice to hear.

I saw my brother this past weekend for his birthday and things are going as good as they can get for him and that's always good. I'm going to be an Aunt. Yep, my first neice/nephew, whichever it may be. Other than that, he really liked the artwork that I got him for his birthday. (Thank You, Topher.) Not that he reads this.

Let's see what other positive thing can I talk about?

Living with Angie is awesome. Living with Angie and Michelle next year will be awesome-r. That's right I said it...awesome-r.

Oh yeah and SPAIN! Michelle and I fly out for Spain in a month (May 12th) and I couldn't be more excited. Amsterdam is where the remainder of my excitement will come from. I can't believe how close we are to departure.

All I need to do now is make it through finals. Hey, everyone! Everyone! We're almost done, we're almost done, we're. almost. done.

So this is the part where I apologize for the length of the post. Sorry but I needed to get it all out...mainly the bad (venting helps) but the good helps me to stay positive. It's not like I post that often anymore anyway. So don't hate. Oh yeah and stay black.