Monday, March 20, 2006


I've decided in the duration of me neglecting to blog that I actually miss it. Blogging should not go undone. Writing is good for the heart and the mind.

Anywho, tomorrow (today) starts the rest of the semester. Spring break is over and the only thing I regret is eating bad (not my fault), missing three days of working out and not getting as much rest as intended. Though spring break was not long enough it was definitely nothing shy of fanfuckingtastic.

To those of you of that haven't heard the long ass story then I am sure you will. Let's just say that it involves me, a few members from matchbook romance, two shows that I was guest listed for, a phone number, the back of a tour bus and some of the best dro in Texas. Who could go wrong with that?

Today (yesterday) at work "the koreans" were cracking me up. Middle school kids that get sent to boarding schools are very interesting characters. Here's to starting the new job!