Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Clearly blogging hasn't been on my agenda lately. Life has been so chaotic though. Between packing and all of the normal festivities it's been quite hectic.

It's official. As of earlier today I have resigned my position as an RA. I will seriously be able to sleep better because of it. I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Everything is going as planned so far and hopefully it will stay that way.

The first round of tests are done for all of my classes and technically the second one for Calculus. So far I am not too happy with my grades but that is what the first tests are for. Now I know how to study for everything.

From the looks of it Dean's list isn't happening this semester. No C's but definitely not enough A's. I am going for mostly B's and maybe an A or two. It sucks but at this point all that I am worried about is keeping my GPA where it is. No need to stress about grades now though. I have the rest of the semester ahead of me. Sometimes people can surprise themselves.

In other good news, Friday's lab work came back more than wonderful. Monday I had an awesome appointment with a nutritionist. The parents are coming on Friday. I'm moving out on Saturday. Things are really beginning to look up for me.

Stay black.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Spain will seriously be here in no time. It's hard to believe that in three months I will be packing for Study Abroad in Spain. However, there is so much to do. Passports, plane tickets, budgeting, scholarships, classes this semester, and the list goes on and on.

I think that I am more excited about this trip now than what I was before I made the deposit. It's really going to happen. Something that's even better though is that I get to meet my pen pals in the Netherlands for the first time. There is a great story behind my parent's history with them too.

I get to play tourist in Amsterdam. I get to see and do so many things and life in Europe will be wonderful. Spain has always been a dream of mine and meeting my parent's friend will be another. Here's to getting through the semester.