Saturday, December 31, 2005


First and foremost, Happy Flippin' New Year! Kelly just called because The Cure's seven minute version of "Pictures of You" was playing and she thought of me. How awesome is that? We only talked for a couple of minutes though. I would hate for her to have an outrageous phone bill on the count of calling me all the way from DC. God knows we could talk forever. She seems to be having a great time and I'm glad.

I will be getting back to San Marcos on Monday because that's the only day that my parents have off. That's a good thing too. In the past 24 hours I have finished the whole fist season of Scrubs on DVD. Victoria is so lame.

It just so happens that I have to wait another month and a half or so for a car. Shit happens but at least I'm getting one. Anyway, so today when I was getting all packed up and doing laundry I totally got bleach all over one of my concert tees. *kicks the desk* Shit! At least it wasn't one that I cherish above all the others.

In other news: *does a dance* Some of you may be asking yourself, 'why are you doing a dance, Liz?' To those of you that aren't asking yourself this question, you should be. To spare your pondering on this question I will get to the point. *clears her throat* I am officially on the Matchbook Romance Street Team. Mmm-hmm. Promotion awaits. *grins*

Now, I know that most of you probably don't give two shits and still don't care about this dance that I was doing, but I will have you know that I am fucking excited about this. I may seem like a loser but frankly I don't give a damn. I love their music and have loved their music since I first discovered them at the end of my senior year in high school.

Let me apologize before hand to those of you that are going to have to suffer with me shoving Matchbook Romance down your throats for the next few months. At least you'll get a sticker out of it. *grins* By the way, their new CD comes out on Valentine's Day so let the whoring begin!


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I have decided that I am going to shoot my nose off if no one else will. Yesterday when I went and saw The Chronicles of Narnia for the 3562580 time I couldn't stop sneezing. I felt so bad for the people that hadn't seen it yet because there was this bitch having sparatic sneeze attacks throughout the entire movie.

Martin is in New York, Kelly is on a plane there and I am still in Victoria. Oh joy! I know I bitch about Victoria a lot but it's amazing to come home and just see how fast this place is growing. More neighborhoods, more stores, more roads, and new faces.

Hopefully I can get some working out done today if I don't feel too bad. Some have told me that I've lost weight. I don't see how though with my lack of exercise from being sick/injured a lot over the past two months. Whatever. Compliments are compliments and I need to learn to eat them up a little better. I've never been good at taking compliments. Damn me for being a leo.

Yesterday we went and test drove a car. My dad liked it and so did I. It had great pick-up, drove nicely and seemed to be in good shape. We decided on getting it until my mother realized that she couldn't afford all of it just right now.

We hired someone to paint our house not too long ago and that has to be taken care of first otherwise the house is going to remain half-ass done. I can't do that to my mother. She has wanted a new paint job for quite sometime now. I told her that I could wait a couple of months.

If the cavalier is gone and sold by the time I can get a car we are going to have to find something else. Here's to hoping it isn't a piece of crap and that it has a radio and/or cd player.

Monday, December 26, 2005


I feel like complete ass. Someone should shoot my nose off. Here's to being sick. Again.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Someone should save me. Already I want back in San Marcos. I can make promises now that say I will no longer come back to Victoria for longer than 2 days. Screw this place. Most of all screw the people here. Not all of the people but some.

He doesn't know but he really did hurt my feelings yesterday. He had no right to talk to her that way. Everyone else may be scared of him but I'm not. If he wants to treat everyone like shit then he can but I won't stand for it when I am here.

No one said that I was perfect but he is far from it. So let's not focus on me. I blame his fucked up mother. I don't understand why he can't see that he is so lucky. He has good kids and an amazing wife. I don't think that he realizes that I only try to make things easier for him but he doesn't give two shits about us. He is only concerned with himself and when he wants something done it has to be done NOW! Yelling doesn't always get your way. Just know that.

No one knows who he really is. He always puts on a front for eveyone else. "Oh he's so hilarious." You should see the way he talks to her though...the way he talks to us and the way we are treated. Love? He doesn't even love himself, otherwise his health would be in a much better condition. Don't forget that you don't really know who he is. He puts on a front. He's a liar.

Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Now Christmas. Here's to another holiday ruined by another fight with the bull from hell. I hope you at least have a Merry one.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Merry freaking Christmas! That is only if you don't hear from me. My family celebrated Christmas today. Usually we wait a little longer but we're going to houston early in the morning and so it had to be done today. We used to wait till midnight but with my sister working that wasn't going to workout for us either. So yep I got my presents already.

My parents bought me this pink Spurs hat and I do mean PINK. It's kinda cheesy. I wasn't too excited about it but only because I am hardly ever going to wear it. I would have worn a jersey more...or I would have hung it on my wall. Anyway it's cool because me loves the Spurs.

My sister got me this really awesome book. Michelle will benefit from it too. It's this book titled "Spain 2005" and it has like reviews of Restaurants, how to spend your money efficiently, and all sorts of places to site see and so on and so forth. This is going to be exciting. Fall semester went by relatively fast and I will be flying out for Spain in no time.

Okay so then my parents got me this really cool 5 peice luggage set! Which greatly appreciated and will be utilized for Spain. They also got me a $25 gift card to Old Navy. I have a credit card there so why would they give me a gift card there and not at like PacSun or something? Whatever. They should have known better than that but still it's money.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the gifts I got for them so that was nice. My dad almost cried when he opened up his Yellow Submarine Wall Clock that I got for him. He did one of those man things where he held it back but you could see it in his face.

All in all a decent Christmas. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Whoever thought it was funny to sign me up for the simple plan mailing list can fucking eat me. Thanks.


Dean's List! Fuck yes! I got all the grades I was hoping to get! This is a reason to celebrate. *does a dance*

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Juicy Fruit reminds me of my grandma.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Today marks the end of the semester for me (as it will for many other people that are taking their last final right now). Hopefully I made the 85 I needed on my last final so I can keep my A in the class. Come to think of it I am really hoping that all of my finals went the way I thought they did just so I can be guaranteed Dean's List. It'll be nice, well deserved, and much appreciated.

Now onto cooler things to talk about. Today is Chris Boehm's 21st birthday. Everyone needs to be fucking excited because clearly he doesn't care as much. I had to call him last night to pep him up. I even threatened him, "Chris, if aren't all smiles and fucking excited tomorrow I am going to punch you."

Tonight will be a blast though. We are going to do dinner for his birthday and the usual everyone should have dinner before we leave for break dinner. Not only are finals done for everyone but it's his big 2-1 and that's just one more reason to party. We'll be kicking ass and taking names for tonight.

Okay so yeah. I've taken notice to a lot of shit talking this past weekend. I've been talking shit about people jokingly and seriously. It's almost terrible. Almost. There's even been shit talking about my job.

I've been talking shit with Michelle to Reed. Reed's been talking shit to me. Kelly has been talking to shit to me and Michelle. And I have been talking shit to everyone also but mainly to Reed. It's all been reciprocated at some point with us all. Talking shit is fun when it's with people you know that can take a joke. It's been a lot of shit, but seriously who has a combover when they're 21? Wtf.

Alright. So with my parents giving me a car over the break I would like to hope and pray that things will fall into place nicely. I can't take this anymore. I can't be unhappy with my job situation anymore but, here's to hoping. *raises her glass*

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I think I made a post a few months back that mentioned the tendency that some have to point out flaws in other people just to take focus off of themselves. This can also pertain to people that like to make up stories to rationalize a situation they don't want to accept.

And to the point...

All I have to say is don't blame me for your shitty life.

I have nothing to apologize for, nor do I miss you or want to start where we left off.

Also, you're wrong. It was you and never him.

Face it, you did this to yourself.

To those of you that don't know what's going on just disregard this entry. I'm sorry you had to read this.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I just stayed up the whole night and I really didn't need to. Does anyone remember that post? That was a hilarious one. Click here to see it.

I really did try to sleep. Trust me, I did, but once 5:46 rolled around and I still wasn't getting anywhere I decided to get up and get ready for my exam at 11:30am. I am going to be one delirious bitch by the time my final rolls around.

Once 7 o'clock approaches I am heading to the library because that's when on-call ends. Fuck I might as well study some more since I have the chance to. I'm not freaking doing anything else.

So Patrick ordered pizza here last night and by the time he left it was crawling with ants. San Marcos Hall has a bad ant problem. It sucks. Anyway I have a question concerning ants. I thought that ants were supposed to get food all year around and be the hard little workers they are so when winter creeped up they could be lazy, eat and survive the winter. Soooo, Why the fuck are they out now?!

Someone! Please! Let me know. I don't understand the logic. Do they not know that it's below freezing outside?! I think I'm going to have to discuss this with the Queen. She has to be the one behind this madness. There is no other explanation. She's the Queen and she is the one that needs to be fed. You never see her out getting any food. Do you? DO YOU?! I didn't think so. I have only seen two Queen ants out in my entire life and guess what...neither one of the bitches were getting food.

Come to think of it, I now have more problems with Queen ants than what I originally thought. From now on I will never kill another ant unless that bitch has wings and they call it "queen." *nods* That'll teach her to slave all of the other ants during this freezing weather. What a ho.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I am sorry that I haven't been updating lately. I know I suck at life but please forgive me. I can't sit at the computer for very long periods of time because then my back will start to hurt. If only I could find someone to shoot me. Not even all of the pain killers are helping.

Today was the first day that I worked out in over a week. Doctor told me on Wednesday not to workout for a week but I couldn't take it anymore. I felt useless and terrible. Screw being injured. It's so unfair. However, for not swimming for the past week I did exceptionally well in my laps; 56 in 45 minutes. My back is going to hate me tomorrow but it was actually alright for the duration of the swim. No complications whatsoever.

Yesterday our football team beat Cal Poly and are now going to Semis. Hooray for them. Kelly and I were discussing something interesting during the game and shared it with a few of our friends as well. Do you have any idea of what this means for our school? Think about it. This means a lot. It means everything from better turn-outs at games to more people applying. My synopsis, in a few years we will be another UT.

Party hopping last night was a must. The whole town was partying. Not only in celebration for our team but for birthdays as well. Michelle and I went to three parties last night. Three. Our night was long and interesting. We started after the game with a movie, dinner, hanging out at kelly's, video games, and then party hopping till 3 in the morning. That's the best summation I can give to you.

Sights and sounds is in town too. I went on Friday with Michelle, Phil, Ryan, and Eric. It was good fun but annoying at the same time. There were far too many kids for me to handle but we did take good pictures!
This one is by far the best too.
Image hosted by
I find it great for many reasons. First, those people are awesome. Second, there is so much activity going on in the picture. And third, you know you're jealous. *grins*

After the Carnival we hung out at Ryan and Gabe's place. A delirious Gabe is always hilarious but so is playing on the hammock with Philster.
Image hosted by

Alright. Enough of the bloating about another fabulous night in San Marvelous. I bid you good night.