Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I have had some time to think here and there on some recent issues at hand. A few months ago Phil was hit by a drunk driver and was almost killed when his car flipped. Last night someone who was very dear to a good friend of mine was killed in an accident.

Phil is fine and thank god he is but I don't think that I take enough time to let all of my friends know that I really do love and care for them. Truth is that even if we don't want to face it, these things come unexpected and can happen to anyone. All that I can say is that I'm sorry to those that were affected by this loss. As for my friends, I love you.

Monday, November 21, 2005


So it's 1:00am and I am still not done with my speech. All I need is one more statistic and I can't freaking find it. I don't think I have ever spent this much time constructing a speech before either. The only reason this is taking me so long though is because it's a $500 speech. I will have to make it in front of an audience of 150+ people! That's plenty of motivation to make it flawless. 1. It's money and 2. No one wants to fuck up in front of that many people.

I have yet to start my $2,000 speech though. That is going to get done over Thanksgiving break. I have to submit my tape on the 29th and if I am chosen I will be competeing for the money in February which is plenty of time for better preparation and touch-ups. That one should be fun and interesting. I have the idea, now all i need is to research and put it together.

Funny story: Michelle came over to hang out with Mershon, Kelly, and myself yesterday at Kelly's place. Michelle brought over some "goods" to share with us. Now, in all my years of experiencing different "goods" I have NEVER once in my life EVER seen someone carry their "goods" in an intuition razor refill container. How random is that?! I guess it's one of those you had to be there things but you can bet your ass that it was hilarious at the time. *shrugs*

Alright. Back to speech writing. Sleep tight.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I am afraid that no one cares about you anymore. I don't know what's going on, but don't worry because I have yet to abandon you. I love you, blog.

We still tight?



Monday, November 14, 2005


I promise to work my ass off if you promise to go by faster. Thanks.

Catch you on the flipside,

PS It's not that I don't like you I just really need a break.

Friday, November 11, 2005


There is so much to do and so little time. We have now made it to the point of the semester that I like to call "crunch" time. This is where everyone sucks at life.

After Saturday night I am forcing myself on lock down. This coming week I need to do my Calculus lab that's due Monday, I have to finish an out-of-class essay for English that's due Wednesday, I have to prepare all of me and Reed's off arguments for our debate that's going to be taped on Thursday, I need to start those money making speeches, I need to get all of my paperwork done for Study Abroad, and I need to be able to work out in between everything.

There is no need for complaint now, it's just about getting everything done. No more words, just action. I hate my job, my GPA is doing great, I have great friends, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Life is just swell.

Just so you know, I am pretty broke right now. Between the Death Cab show on Saturday and the Mae show on Tuesday there is no way that I can afford anything else after this weekend (Laura's birthday weekend). Don't forget that RAs are poor.

As far as my template goes, I could use any suggestions. I need to get rid of this one because it's old and I screwed it up. As for now I have a Calculus test that needs raping tomorrow. I bid you good night.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Let's start with Friday.

Screwed up my template somehow when I put up the new music video.
Was on-call and it sucked.
Spurs won!
Went to bed at 10:30pm.
Boy oh boy was I tired as hell.

Saturday, a very long day.

9:00am - Woke up, did laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned cleaned cleaned!
11:00am - The rents came in with the two younger sisters. Did some math tutoring.
1:30pm - Went to lunch at the Root Cellar with the family.
2:45pm - The family left.
3:15pm - Eddie and I made our way to Austin. Right outside of Austin I realized that I left my camera! Man was I pissed off. I almost cried.
4:00pm - Went the the mall to shop for a wallet (for Eddie) and cologne (Eddie again).
5:00pm - Went to the drag to shop for a specific keychain; didn't find it. Turned down a bunch of homeless people for spare change. (I didn't have anything smaller than a 20!) Made a stop to see what The Church of Scientology was all about.
6:30pm - Dinner at Habana's. Had an interesting conversation with Eddie, one that shall not be talked about here.
7:30pm - Death Cab Show. Michelle brought her camera! Yes! I can still get pictures! Met some kid named Drew who followed us from the back towards the front. He's a funny story too. Stars came on at 8:30pm. They were amazing and of course they played my favorite song, "What I'm trying to say." Death Cab came on at 9:30pm, played till a little before 11:00pm, came back with a 3 song encore, and were all in all freaking awesome. You suck at life if you missed it. *coughs* Nathan. *coughs*
12:00am - Got back to San Marcos, went to sonic for a huge iced water, went to a party with Eddie, Michelle, and Eric. It was lame but I had a blast making fun of everyone there minus our posse.
2:00am - Came home. Got ready for bed but got a lot of random messages on facebook and my phone. That's a funny story. Ask me about it later for the story will not be told here either.
3:00am - Not even a bulldozer could have woken me.


Had an interesting dream.
Working the desk now.
On-call again today.
Have lots of Calculus Homework.
Test on Wednesday.
Need to start my speeches.
Need to workout.
Need to watch Grey's Anatomy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This week has been good to me, I guess you could say that, but for some reason I didn't feel so hot today. I wasn't sick but I was definitely not well. However, in the past two days I had two offers that I cannot refuse.

My Public Speaking teacher said to me today, "You're a good speaker and I want you to be one of my competitors for the Public Speaking forum in a few weeks. You can get a trophy and $500."

Yesterday in Debate, Kraemer (the professor) told me about this Oratory competition in February that he would like me to try out for. First place is $2,000, second is $1,000, third is $500, fourth is $400, and fifth is $300.

So my reaction and answer to both of these opportunities is "Heck yes I'll do it!" I used to love doing shit like this in high school for cheap plastic trophies and medals. Now I can do it for money?! You're fucking kidding me! More money for Spain if I do it, but do it well. *grins* There is no room for mishaps now.

On a different note, I got locked out of Calculus today. It freaking sucked but what can you do? I don't pay attention anyway and I didn't miss a quiz. So life's great in that department.

I went to my Public Speaking class at 12 and we were out by 12:15. I skipped British Literature because the teacher bores me and being bored puts me in a disappointing mood. Instead I bummed around with Kelly all afternoon. I played a lot of Tetris and then went swimming.

Supposedly me and Michelle rock at dominoes. Who would have thought? I got to hang out with Ben, Kelly, and Michelle at the coffee pot last night and we spanked them at dominoes. It was almost embarrassing.

I have a whole lot more to look forward to this week. I get to hang out with Ryan, Michelle, Kelly, Reed and I think Eddie tomorrow night. The only disappointment is that Phil can't make it. (Fuck you, Physics tests. *shakes her fist* How dare you keep my Philbert from me?)

My dad is coming on Saturday so I can tutor him in Math and then do lunch. After he leaves I am off to Austin with Eddie for a fun filled afternoon of bumming around, cd shopping, dinner, and the death cab show.

Next weekend is going to be great as well. My sister is coming on friday to take me to dinner. Laura is turning 21 so the weekend will be a drunk fest! Lisa is coming in to hang out too. So there is no room for boredom! Yesssssssss! Me and Lisa can always go get some toast if worse comes to worse. Root Cellar toast rocks my socks.

Thanksgiving will be here in no time! That's the best part of everything. Everything.