Sunday, October 30, 2005


After this it's bedtime.

I often get a lot of shit for my picture taking methods. For those of you who don't know, I like to take pictures with my camera but I usually wait forever to upload them. It's annoying I bet.

For that, I give you a picture post.

This one is from a couple of weeks ago. That's Laura in the back and it was directed by Kelly. It's just an interesting picture.
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My brother visited last wednesday. He loves my camera. So of course there were only a couple of random pictures taken but ones worth posting.

This one is probably the coolest. I am pretty sure Lawrence took this one. It's Kelly's foot. I think it looks really cool because of the way that he shot it.
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This is my brother Lawrence; photograph directed by Trent.
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This is me; photograph directed by Trent as well. What's interesting about this picture, I think, is that I usually don't like people taking pictures of me without knowing but it came out good. There is just something about it.
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This is Trent; photograph directed by Lawrence.
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I don't know what it is about those pictures but all of the expressions just say so much and nothing all at once. *shrugs* Alright enough of that.

This is just a cute picture of Me, Angie, and Martin at Kenny's party a couple of weeks ago. Yet again another one of those pictures, "Yeah, I'll send it to you tomorrow." Ha!
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These are from tonight. Laura and I decided on Tuesday that we would be scenesters. You know...those fucking kids that get all decked out for an Avril Lavigne show or some shit. *shakes her fist* They're so lame and for Halloween we were them. Laugh it up. That's the whole point.
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I met up with Kelly later in the night. She was also supposed to be a scenester but she was just Kelly to me. *grins*
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Don't like the make-up? Neither do I, that's why I never wear any. This is how I really roll...minus the crazy hair color.
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Just in case you forgot who I am my name is ...
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Signing off. *salutes you*

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


You know how it is when you listen to a cd that brings back good memories? I love it. MxPx rocks my socks.

I have big fish to fry this next week. So if the little ones could stay out of my way for a bit it would be much obliged. *grins*

Monday, October 24, 2005


For the next 24 hours no one should be making out with me. Unless you want strep. Then we can talk.

I hate doctor appointments. They always find something wrong with you. Here's to being on drugs for the next 10 days! Yessssssss!


I was wondering why my sugars were so high. This is definitely not going to be a fun week. I hate being sick.

Also, my back is still giving me problems. Someone just end my misery. Thanks.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I'm glad that's over with. Now let's just all get on with our lives and forget about those that like to play with the heart.

It's so amazing how fast your opinion of someone can change.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Yesterday was a good surprise, a nice trip to the river with good company, and all in all just a good day to be around the people I care the most about. My brother and Trent came to see the campus and get some information about school. I got a message from my brother when I got out of Public Speaking. Of course I thought to myself, "this is quite the event, so I shall skip class!" I hate English anyway so it was just an excuse. *grins* Anyway, I treated them to some smoothies, which they loved. Lawrence treated Kelly and I to Mamacitas, which rocked, and Trent treated me and Lawrence to coffee later at the Coffee Pot while I did my Cal homework and they played chess. It was by far the best Wednesday I've ever had.

The mother is coming tomorrow with my sister. I miss my mother the most. I haven't seen her since the beginning of the semester when they dropped me off.

I'm bummed out. In the process of moving all of my music to my new hard drive I lost a good 4 gigs of music. Someone shoot me, please. Thanks.

I'm looking forward to tonight and you should be looking forward to a new video tomorrow. Love, peace and chicken grease.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So there is some good news and bad news in Liz's world of music. Good news it that I have assloads of room now to download music. Bad news is that I had to transfer all of my music from one hard drive to the other and now I have to put all of that stuff back to Itunes one by one. That's near 3000 songs. Fuck.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Being on-call freaking sucks. Working four hour desk shifts is what really blows. What sucks more though is people who just don't get it. I've seen a lot of that lately and it's no fun at all. I find it beyond me for someone that doesn't get context clues but it's just way past me to see when someone doesn't take the blunt comments of, "no, it isn't happening." Back the fuck off, please. Thanks.

I'm getting 80 gigs today for 30 bucks for my poor computer. Imagine my excitement. I can't freaking wait to download 018237982354 more songs and not have one of those error things pop up saying that I have low disk space. It's going to be great.

Homecoming yesterday was a freaking joke. Kelly and I left the game during halftime. It would have been pointless to stay the whole time. 47-0 at halftime? They should have give us a little bit more of a challenge. Last year's game was a lot better. It's cool though! We won! That's all that matters, right?

I finally got my movie back from Kenny! That was freaking awesome. I would have had to hurt him pretty bad. It would have been different had it been a movie that didn't mean anything to me but The Life of David Gale is one of my favorites. No joke.

I am looking forward to Thursday. It'll be the highlight of my week. Anyway, Calculus calls so I think I'll do that now. Stay black.

Friday, October 14, 2005


I've been talking a lot about getting a new template. However, I don't really want to sit here and search through millions of different templates to get the "right" one. So I decided to add a music video to add a little spice. I am going to try to change it every week or so. You like?


You said it, but how do I take it?

This is where I need to get serious. This is where things will fall into place. This is where the feelings will comply. This is where everything and nothing will happen all at once. Welcome. I'm ready.

Never change yourself for someone else. Be who you are and things will happen the way they should. Don't fuck up. Then again, it's your life, do what you will.

Monday, October 10, 2005


So my day of hell is over. I am freaking exhausted but I am glad it's over and done with. I would like to think that I did really well on my Brit Lit test but I don't want to jinx myself. I freaking studied a good 7 hours for it. I don't think I can read for the next 3 weeks.

I know I aced my calculus test and I also found out that I have the third highest average in the class. How exciting! I really thought I was doing a lot worse in there. I wish my teacher actually taught, then I wouldn't have to work my ass off as much. *shrugs* In the end all of the hard work will pay off.

I didn't do so hot on my public speaking test but I was expecting that. Pretty damn good to make a C without studying, don't you think? That's what happens though. I had to study less for one test to fit time for the others. It doesn't matter though because I can still make an A in there. Fuck having three tests in one day. I hope that never happens again.

I really need to sleep. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Kiss slowly, play hard, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything and have no regrets. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Now all I need to do is remember that.

Last night was good fun and unproductive.

I have three tests on Monday and barely any time to breathe.

There is no time for procrastination.

It's the act of being screwed.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I just woke up super early to get my calculus homework done and it's not due till next monday. I don't have class till 11. Anyone up for a run at the rec? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Ferris Bueller?

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yesterday is indescribable. My heart is aching and I don't know why. I think I'm preparing for something big but I don't know what. Now is the time to just ride the wave from here till then. Things will happen how they are supposed to.