Sunday, October 31, 2004


My dearest Liz,

I just want you to know that I love you. I apologize for the inconviences that I have caused this past week with the virus scare. I promise that I won't get another one if you promise not to click on anymore random links. I don't like it when you call me a "worthless peice of shit" or a "stupid computer" because it really hurts me that you sometimes think that low of me. I only want to keep you happy and I am glad that you got the virus removed because for a while there I didn't think I could just get rid of it on my own. My virus protector failed the both of us and I am sorry for that. No need to worry though, Liz. You are a genius! I knew you had it in you. So are we cool, yo? I hope so.

Your ever-so faithful computer,

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


The other night when I was drunk I was drinking a...

and well I was eating gummy bears and I had another one of my drunken bright ideas to put three of them in there. Don't ask why. People tend to do a lot of crazy things when they are drunk.

Anyway. I had completely forgot about that so today I opened my fridge and I saw the sprite remix. Then I freaked out because there was shit hovering at the bottom of it. So then I realized what it was and drank it anyway. When I finally got them out I noticed that they were enormous. I couldn't stop laughing and of course like always I took a pic of it.

The one in the middle is what a regular size gummy bear should look like. I know I know that statement makes me sound like an expert on this shit but really...I don't know shit! (If you didn't get that joke then you are a retard)

What's up with them being mexican colors? shit. We won't even go there.

Oh yeah. I'm Kelly: I suck!

Monday, October 25, 2004


I went to the MatchbookRomance, FallOutBoy and TakingBackSunday concert yesterday and there are a few things that I want/need to say. So consider this your warning. This post will be a long one. Get over it and just read it because I know you want to hear what I have to say, otherwise you wouldn't be here. *grins*

First, my cousin Adrian is one lucky bastard to be related to me. Because of my big mouth we totally got him a ticket. Yes I know, I'm awesome. There were so many people looking for extra tickets too. They didn't just sell out the internet tickets, they sold them all out. What luck.

Second, I was so pissed off because I missed most of MatchbookRomance. Damn them for cancelling the first band! The doors opened at 6 and we got there at 6:30. I only saw them perform like 3 songs and they didn't even play "14 balloons." What the fuck? I love that song. All I know is that if they did play it I missed it.

I attempted to take pictures but it sucked. Like always I get pushed around everytime and the pictures come out all contorted and whatnot. This was probably the only decent one that I got.

Yeah I know it sucks but I don't think that any of you like/listen to them anyway. Though you should, you bastards. They were fucking awesome. I love them so much. Holy shit! I sweat like one crazy mofo. I didn't expect the pit to be that bad for MatchbookRomance but I underestimated them. It was awesome.

I have to admit that I had a better time the last time I saw them at the backroom. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I was there to see them perform all of their songs and that I met Andy. Man, he is so hot. He looked even hotter at this show because he has gained weight (which looks great on him by the way) and he wasn't wearing a hat. Oh man. Judas cut his hair. Those guys are too hott for words. I heart MatchbookRomance so much. If you want to see the post from the last time that I saw them and FallOutBoy click here.

Third, FallOutBoy was freaking great. Singer is hot. Bassist way full of energy and hot. This would have to be the pit that I am sore from. I think that some crowd surfers need to weigh themselves before they think to do that to people. And then some fat girl fell down right next to me and I had to help her up. I can't have someone fall down next to me and not help them up. What would happen if they get seriously injured or die? I can't have that shit on my conscience. I don't care how much of a bitch I am...I can't do it, captain, I don't have the power! Anyway. This chick's arm was like twice the size of mine. Holy crap! No wonder I'm sore.

My favorite part of this show was when Aaron (the drummer from MatchbookRomance) came out and took over on the drums in the middle of FallOutBoy performing "Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your boy?" I also think that I enjoyed them more when they played at the backroom. It was a smaller venue and I was closer to the stage. That was probably why. It doesn't matter though because it was a great show anyway and the pit was fun.

Speaking of pits I have to tell you about this bitch that was standing at the front with me. If you have ever been to a show you should automatically know that you -will- get pushed around. I don't give a shit who you are. This bitch had the nerve to ask me to "tone it down a bit." I told her "What the hell do expect? You're at the front! I'm getting pushed around just as much as you are. So I'm not toning anything down." Then later when TakingBackSunday played I was pretty pissed because that bitch yelled at me again. So I gave her an ugly look and kept up with what I was doing to keep her pissed off. The bitch. If she must learn the hard way then that's just fine.

Third, TakingBackSunday disa-fucking-ppointed me. I don't like their new cd too much and I -don't- like the new suck ass singer they have that replaced John Nolan. The two times that I saw them before this I still enjoyed their shows but that was also because they were playing all of their old stuff. This new cd all sounds the same. I remember thinking to myself while they were playing, 'Didn't they just play this song?' It was sad. I don't think that I'm going to pay to see them anymore unless they are playing with a band that I -really- like or if it's warped tour. My TakingBackSunday days are over. *shrugs* oh well...shit happens.

Fourth, if ever you go to a show and you are a girl do me and everyone else a fucking favor. Pick up your fucking hair. That shit will stick to other people when they are sweating and it's quite uncomfortable. Another thing. Don't fucking dress up. The guys aren't looking at you anyway. They are watching the show. They didn't pay to see you they paid to see the band. How are you in any way attractive when you are sweating and end up looking of ass? Girls these days are so fucking stupid.

Fifth, here is something to laugh at. It rained before the show started and if you have been to stubbs you would know that it is an outdoor venue with a dirt pit and nothing else. My shoes didn't look like this after the show...

or this...

The looked a little more like this....

*laughs* shit.

They aren't that bad now but you can see where they are stained, but it's cool. Gives them more character.

Next stop: CoheedAndCambria November 12th. Be be excited!

Alright. The end.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


So I think that there are a lot of emo guys that are way hot. Like this one...

Yes that's Adam Brody that plays Seth on the OC and I'm going to marry him and that's that. Anyway. So I think emo guys are hot...for the most part. Some of them are merely okay.

Let me jump to something else really quick. I also think its hot when two guys kiss. Guys think its hot when girls kiss so why should it be different for us. I can't wait till that cowboy movie with jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger comes out. From what i hear there is totally lip action between the two of them. Heath said something about that on one of those late night shows.

Let's do the math here. I am talking about hot emo guys and then I am talking about how it's hot when guys kiss. So what better than the two of them together. Aww man this is what math gets you for all of you bitches that don't like math.

This is one is just cute! I am leaving it big so you can see it better.

The rest are on my photobucket. Yes there are more. I also have some others that aren't in there but those were my favorites. You should know the password to get in and if not you know what to do. Enjoy, ladies!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


So today I was on the bus. (Yes this is another story and of course you will read it. If not, then why are you here?) Anyway on the bus there was this guy dipping. Let me just say that dipping has -got- to be the most disgusting/appaling thing in the world. Other than this guy...

Anyway, let me tell you about how attractive they look with their 'tabacc-e' all in their bottom lip. Mmm they just look so damn hot with their puffed out lip. It makes me want to jump their bones and and just suck that shit out of them. It's so hott that I sometimes have the urge to let them spit it into my mouth. Spitting it is hott...WAY hott.

Yack! Fucking losers.

Monday, October 18, 2004


So I was in kelly's room earlier and she had the t.v. on the food channel and I noticed that the guy cooking was really fat. I remember discussing something like this with christine the other day too. I think it is hilarious that chef's are fat. I don't really know why because they are chefs! This is something that should be expected.

I guess it's just that they know how they are preparing everything. Shouldn't they know that it would harm them. I can't think of that one guys name but he is like well over 400 pounds and he has to sit down on a chair to cook. It's a bit ridiculous.

Anyway. I think that my calling in life is to be a chef. I totally fit the profile! I knew my fat would come in handy one day. heh. :l

Sunday, October 17, 2004


So if i dont make -at least- a B on that Philosophy midterm that i was so stressed about i am going to be cracking skulls. As for Political Science i am hoping for an A but can live with a B. I am pretty confident in that one though.

I am so freaking excited. The plateauing has ended. *Tom's voice* Thats right. Thats right. I weighed myself earlier when i went swimming and i have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. And when i measured myself i found that i have lost a few more inches. Anyway enough of that. I was just happy about it and had to tell yall.

This weekend was all sorts of crazy/regretful/annoying. Friday was okay when i went and got drunk with Kate and Kelz. I had fun with them like i always do but i shouldnt have ended my night the way i did. *shrugs* Shit happens. We all make mistakes and then we get over it and move on. This is me over it already. What do ya know?

Saturday is another story. There was nothing to regret but there were plenty of times where i had to use the phrase "Act your fucking age and not your dick size" it was very crappy. I hate the fact that there are some people that never grow up. I will admit to being immature at times but i know when i need to be serious and when to fucking stop egging shit on. Most people need to know their fucking limits.

I had some fun last night so it wasnt a totally bad night but there was one person in particular that i -never- want to be around again. I dont give a shit if he was drunk...its no fucking excuse. He is an ass even when he's sober.

Last night, this other guy asked me to see my phone so i handed it to him. I thought that he was just going to go through the pictures and stuff; a lot of people tend to do that with my phone. Anyways, he ended up calling his phone from mine to get my number. That has got to be the cheapest way to get a number from a girl. He could have just asked for it. By all means i am not interested in him but i wouldnt mind just hanging out.

There is one person as of right now that i would give my number to in a heartbeat. *sighs* Fucking crushes.

Anywho i just realized that i have some economics homework to do. Ciao!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


This week has been just a tad bit hectic...just a tad. I am lying to you though. It has been pretty freaking ridiculous. Just yesterday i left my room at like 8:30ish for class, then i had work, class, and then work again.....AND THEN i had a study session for Political Science, still made time to eat before my philosophy study session and then arrived back here at like 9 o'clock.

Today is just as bad with a little bit more of a break that is cancelled out by the fact that i will be in the library tonight until like maybe 12 or 1. shit. If you havent noticed i am totally stressing out...STRESSING OUT. I usually try not to but with this week i cant help it.

I am about to go swimming and then straight to my philosophy study session and then to the library i go for some more study time. I better ace this test. Today in class i knew more about the questions the students were asking than the teacher. (k not really but it was pretty close) Today i was the annoying person in class that you talk shit about because they have a response to every question and always have to put their two cents in.

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Hump Day!
Happy Stress Out Day, Liz!
Happy Look Like Ass Day, Liz!
Happy Birthday, Ugly! (My baby sister turns 11 today. I dont think she is ugly, but she does get on my nerves sometimes. I love her. I do.)

I remember when i turned 11...i thought i knew everything. They dont know a damn thing. I called her and wished her a happy birthday and stuff and this is how the convo went.

Angela: Hello?
Me: Happy Birthday Ms. Eleven-Year-Old!
Angela: Thank you.
Me: So you are the big one one now, huh? I bet you think you know everything.
Angela: well...not rea...
Me: Yeah you dont know shit. You wont know anything until you are all growed up like me so please refrain from getting a big head.
Angela: what does 'refrain' mean?
Me: see i told you you didnt know everything.

I am just kidding. I havent talked to her yet but i imagine it will be something along those lines when i do.

Yes i did look like ass today. Only because i woke up and put on the first t-shirt i found, a hoodie, and just pulled my hair back. There is only one person that has proof of that and he wont be posting that picture. He just got that phone and doesnt know how to do all of that. Its cool though. i have a stupid pic of him and i will be more than happy to post his if he wants to start shit. he can just brrrring it!

Well...i need to get this day of stress over with. Hasta.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I will let the pic speak for itself. *shakes her head* man i love it. I ripped this from shelby's profile on myspace and i had to show it to everyone else. I find it very hilarious.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Some bitch brought her daughter with her to the computer lab. That little girl is a spoiled fucking brat....not just a spoiled brat but a spoiled fucking one. She is throwing herself all over the floor and shit and screaming with every bit of energy that she has.

I am trying to work on my english paper too. Who can concentrate with the world's most annoying sound ever? NO ONE can. I hate spoiled brats. Her mother needs to spank her on the ass and tell her to shut her mouth because there are people trying to get their shit done. I thought that libraries and computer labs were supposed to be quiet.

I am done venting. Later.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


I am sorry to the viewers.
More sorry to kate.
Kinda sorry to myself.
Unforgiven to the world.

Lately i have been -really- confused with this election and where i stand with my vote because of the 'issues' which is pretty much just the war. It seems like that is the only thing that this presidential election is focusing its attention on. Forget the economy its all about the people that we want to kill!

I -dont- agree with this war and no sane american would if they new the facts. We sit here and point our fingers at bush all the time and call him a 'douche' and I am guilty of the same but the decisions that were made about this war should not all be placed on just him. Kelz, before you get all pissy as if i am taking up for bush, just hear me out. The UN helped make those decisions and yes it was a bad one but what kind of person would say, 'oh wait, our bad we will stop fucking with you now since we have no logical explanation for doing this to you. Those Weapons of Mass Destruction were nothing more than a black cat firework.' It definitely wont be the world police themselves and thats for damned sure. God forbid these egotistical assholes incriminate themselves to looking even more dumb.

If we take a look at a lot of the past elections and see what they promise us we will find that most of them didnt follow through with their 'promises'. They are just words. Only 10% of what matters is in communicating verbally. Talk is cheap. What they say doesnt mean a thing.

I will admit that i am not happy with our president but not very many people are. I am also not pleased with his opponent. Some believe that he is better than bush in many ways but how will we know that for sure? How do you know that he is -really- getting us out of this war? How is bush not trying to do that now? Why would he (being the conservative that he is) not want to keep his people out of harms way by trying to get his soldiers out of there asap?

All I am saying is that there are always things that the government keeps from us...-always-. The only way to know about those things is to get into the system yourself and even then you would have to be lucky to know of the true reasoning behind everything.

The president should at least give us a better reason for being over there. One that is logical too. All i know is that as long as they are over there and are not telling us why by giving us a -good- reason, my vote will not go to the party that supports this war. However, my vote will also not go to the party that is against it but has no -solid- way of getting us out. Either way we are stuck with a war that is wrong.

What i hate the most is that there are millions of websites on these issues but they are all biased. -All- of them are and the same goes with the news.

I will have to re-live my days of 'any-mini-miny-moe' and just have a blast. Shouldnt really matter if your vote doesnt count. Its the electoral college votes that count! This election is like playing a -really- good game of 'would you rather?' Would you rather eat my ass with a spoon or would you rather eat out your mom? You dont want to do either one but you are forced to make a decision or else. *shakes her fist*

Sometimes i think about this and say...what if your vote did count? What if Gore was in office because your vote did count for once? How would things be different? No one knows. NO ONE and i dont care how psychic you are, Nostradamus.

I think i have come a little closer to making my decision about who i am voting for. Yes, i know what you're thinking too. "*gasps* Liz, why would you think it? why would even think of voting for that douche?" Well, fuck you because i have my reasons for considering it. I am highly competent of making a rational decision for myself and i dont need anyone to hold my hand.

The professors/doctors in this Political Science Department have helped me to make up my mind a little more. These are people that have had many more years of schooling and life experiences to know and feel confident in their decision. So why wouldnt i look up to them and have them influence me a little. No i wont tell you who i am leaning towards because it doesnt matter. I dont have to disclose that information to you because i will be the one voting...not you.

Final Summation: None.

*steps off of her soapbox*

***K so i was supposed to post this on thursday but i decided to do it now i had it saved as a draft.

Before any of you sit there and try to throw the debates in my face i just want you to know that i did watch the recent one. *crosses fingers* please let nader be on the ticket, if not i guess i know now where my vote will go.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Okay so I had dinner with Phil today before I went and worked out and he started talking nonsense like he always does. This is kinda how it went but it isnt word for word.

Phil: Liz, I think you should get rid of your lip ring.
Liz: Why is that?
Phil: Because it takes the focus off of your have really nice eyes.
Liz: Yeah i have been told that before.
Phil: Well you do. I think that you should do it so it makes you a little less emo and a little more liz.
Liz: *thinks about it*
Phil: How long have you had it?
Liz: Almost a year. I will see what everyone else thinks.

Now, dont think that it was just because Phil said it that is making me question this. Last year i remember talking to Kelz about it like 3 months after i got it pierced and i was thinking about getting rid of it. Now i am leaning more towards keeping it but i wanted to see what you guys thought.

With the past couple of guys that i made out with i was actually told that it was pretty cool making out with a chick that has a lip ring. One of them said that "it feels nice" and the other said that "its cool." Not that i am going to be making out with anybody anytime soon, but it has its ups. I guess the only downside is that i mess with it so much and then sometimes it will feel agravated. I need to just break that habit. *shrugs*

So what do you think?

Lip Ring?

No Lip Ring?

Lip Ring?

No Lip Ring?

You Decide!

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Ha! It never fails. We always have a fucking blast on the weekends. Need proof? Here it is.

Kelz was all about stylin' my hair. Somehow i turned out emo...

so hott. *laughs* yeah right.

This is my...."what does this button do?" look. Yes i was so drunk when this all happened.

Goodnight kisses. I love kelly but she left too early.

Christine too. She needs to stay here more often so that she can party it up with us.

whoa. Kate, lay off of the crack. J/k

A three way kiss! I love my girls. Yes that is me in the back that you cant see. I am wearing the cowboy hat.

whoa there. WHOA!

Anywho...the rest are on photbucket. You know the drill about the password. Peace!


These are just what you want to wake-up to the morning after you get really drunk.

I know...I am way hott. *shakes her head* Yes, I was completely sober in that pic too.

Break me off a peice of this!!! Mmmm. Phil. Oh God.

Watch out she will bite!

You wont be waking up next to kate, that will be chad and chad only!

I like taking awful and random pics, those always bring more entertainment.

I am going to post something later with the pics from last night once we get those on the comp.

Even though i have great fucking friends here. I really need my best friends right now. Thank God I am going to see Jennie this coming weekend. I just wish that there was a way for me to see Jason.

Someone please tell my family to fucking include me in everything that is going on and happening. This whole thing about not telling me whats wrong is bullshit. Forget the fact that i almost withdrew from school to help out. It was only because i was concerned and felt obligated, but if no one around me will let me stop then i wont. I worry more not knowing what the hell is going on.

Alright. Sorry. I just decided that i am not going to sit here and bitch about all of my problems. I honestly think that you could care less. Shit happens. So i will just keep my head up and tell you that i am fine. I am so sick of drama and always having to feel like shit. This is it for me. I am signing off to all of the bitching i do on here to try and gain your sympathy or whatever it is. I just know that its pathetic.

We had a great fucking time last night. A GREAT FUCKING TIME. Now its time to get serious and do all of the homework that i have procrastinated to sunday (also known as 'homework day').

Friday, October 01, 2004


So if you were wondering this is what i look like after an unproductive all-nighter.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Okay, no i dont, but thats not the point.

I had every intention of getting sleep. Why wouldnt i? I fucking love sleep. I -love- it. Truth is i was up studying till like 3 when i got a phone call from daniel. We talked till 4 and then i decided that i would sleep, but it didnt happen...obviously. I tossed, I turned, I picked my nose, I sang "twinkle twinkle little star", and I even jumped on my bed like a monkey. Nothing phased me. Nothing.

I had a bright idea to take advantage of my free minutes. So i called my dad at work at like 5:30 and he wasnt there. I was like, 'What the fuck?!" He is always at work at promptly 5 am on fridays and tuesdays. So i called mi casa and they didnt answer there either. He called back at like 6 and this is how it went:

Me: Hello?
Dad: Hello?
Me: Hey.
Dad: Did you call?
Me: (sarcastically) Noooooo! Maybe your caller id is broken. I bet Joseph broke it. He breaks everything.
Dad: Yeah. Okay. I know you called. What did you need?
Me: What?!? You just called me, dad. Shit, lay off the crack.
Dad: Elizabeth Laura!
Me: Uh yeah, talking to her, but i go by liz. You on the other hand can call me Elizabeth. I guess i could make the acception since youre my dad and all. Or are you?
Dad: Are you okay?
Me: Never. I have lost my mind.
Dad: How is that?
Me: Dad, I just pulled an all-nighter that wasnt even necessary.
Dad: Now why would you go and do something crazy like that?
Me: Because they told me it would be cool.
Dad: Who is 'they'?
Me: The ones that told me it would be cool.
Dad: Who was it though?
Me: You know.
Dad: No, i dont.
Me: Yeah you do. It's them.

Yeah. I dont know it was funny at the time and still seems like that now. I guess thats just delirium working. I have a test at 9 and since i am up i might as well review. *skips away*


Okay so yeah. Uh-huh.

I love having my own room but sometimes it gets boring. Coming from a household that has 7 other poeple in it there was never a dull moment. However, kelly and nicole have those nights when the shit that they do is just too funny.

They came in here and to get me and started fighting at the door. I think kelly was attempting to give nicole a wegee. Anyway, after that kelly started losing when nicole used her best and -only- strategy. That's right. Kelly was wearing a hoodie.

Nicole suceeded in taking her down.

Nicole used to do this shit to me and kelz last year in Jackson. It was funny fighting with her.
Somehow it was funnier when it happened to kelly. It was a picture perfect moment.

She looks like a cyclops. *laughs* oh man, dorm life is great.