Wednesday, September 29, 2004


it came out of my communications book. I found it really interesting and funny all at the same time.

"Communication theorists have noted that whenever you communicate with another person, there are really at least six "people" involved: (1) who you think you are; (2) who you think the other person is; (3) who you think the other person thinks you are; (4) who the other person thinks he or she is; (5) who the other person thinks you are; and (6) who the other person thinks you think he or she is."

Man. They forgot the part about my grandma's dog thinking about who you are and who i am and who you think i am. They also forgot to mention that the dog would cuss out grandma for thinking too much and not feeding his anorexic ass.

Oh you remember that post?

Click here
if you want to refresh your memory of that. I think that had to be one of my favorite things that i have ever written.
Speaking of which i need to put the rest of my posts up. Damn not having enough time to do anything!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Say that 3 times in a row.


Alright. Kelz, dont let this high school bullshit get to you. It isnt worth the little time that you have as a non-high school student. So let them keep this in the public eye if they want. What a lot of people dont understand is that sometimes there is this thing called miscommunication, that will often show its ugly face in many daily occurrences. If that word is too big for your high school mentality then you might want to look it up in the dictionary when you take kelly's advice and buy one.


Something to laugh about:
There is a certain person that i am -not- (in any way, shape, OR form) a fan of that thinks i would actually take the time to post an anonymous comment on their journal. *laughs* That is just beyond me. You would think that they would know by now that i would confront them if had an issue with them. They must think that i am intimidated by them for some odd reason. Maybe they just assume that i am still caught up with the predicament that we went through over the summer. Dont be so assumptuous (yes i did that on purpose). Some people really just cant get over themselves. *shrugs* It happens. I hope it at least helped that person to insult me though.


I hate having crushes. I think what i hate the most is admitting that i have a crush on someone. Not even to that person. Just to anyone really. I think what i hate about it is that my mind is completely altered to thinking about them that i will get distracted from doing more important things like reading for class. Why do humans have to work the way they do? Why cant crushes be different when you are in college. I feel like i am in high school all over again with not only this crush but also with all of these high schoolers that are swarming around on the internet saying really immature things. I think that they just want us to know that they can make totally logical points! (I am just hoping that you saw the sarcasm in that.)


Congratulate Kelly, Kelsea, and myself, not only for being better than you, but also for walking out of our first ACLU meeting with officer positions. Say hello to your historian. Hi! *waves excitedly* Kelly's title rocks. I want a name like hers. What was it, kel? Campus Liaison? I dont remember but it is the 'liaison' part that rocks. Kelz is the events coordinator, right?

I know I know. I bet you are asking your self, "Liz, you fabulous bitch, however did yall pull that off?" Well i will tell you how. Kelz and kel can second this motion...its because...we rock. End of story.


I think that is enough of me. Till the next update...Good day to you lads.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Will keep my fucking doctor away.

My parents, my g-ma, and my little sister angela came and saw me today. It was cool i guess. They only came for lunch and left. My mom brought me some presents. One was 20 dollars in quarters and the other was a tape measure so i can keep up with my attempt of losing weight. Lets just say that i am not happy. I havent really lost anything since the last time that we checked so i have for sure plateaued. Dammit.

So of course this pissed me off so i decided that i would increase my workout. Yep thats right increase! I just got back from the rec and i worked out an hour. Man and i feel great. I feel like i can go for another if i wanted to. So it will have to be an hour a day from now on.

Anyway. The whole point of this story is to tell you what happened when i was there. I saw ms. anorexia there. Yeah you know who i am talking about. The one that has wrists that are this 0 big around. Anyway i looked at her and was disgusted. I really want to order her a fucking pizza with m&ms on it and make her eat it. That isnt all though. I want to watch her swallow every bite and then make her sit there and let it digest so she doesnt try and throw it up.

If you havent seen her at the rec this year let me just assure you that she looks worse than last year. She is bonier and you can see her cheekbones and her face is the worst part it is all sunken in. I didnt think it was possible for her to look any worse than she did last year. Eww i dont even want to think about it anymore.

I am afraid that one day we wont see her there because she will be dead. She needs good fucking friends to tell her to get her shit together. If any of you ever decide that shit like that is a good idea i will be forced to bitch slap you. Do it the right way so you dont have to worry about it later.

One more thing (since i am ranting). If you sit there and bitch about how you need to lose only a few pounds and you have been saying that for months then just do it already. By now you could have lost what you wanted to. Dont try all of these shortcuts. Just fucking do it in the way that you know will be the most effective. (Exercise)

*Napoleon Dynamite* Gosh!

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Sorry, Phil.

Sorry, that you missed out if you werent with us. Once again we have suceeded in having a fucking blast.

Sorry Kate for pulling the chair out from under you. hehe Kelz, i hope you had fun. Phil, (even though you don't read this) thanks for coming and putting up with us.

Romey was sexually assaulted last night. *shakes her head* The fucker didnt call last night either. He is a liar and i will never believe him again.

The Star Spangled Banner, Do Re Me, and Row Row Row your boat. What do they have in common?

Oh yeah and guess who is never staying the night here in my room. Phil. I woke up like 10 times in the night as a result of all of his damn snoring. Love him but i cant take his snoring.

Kelz, take some aspirin.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I will just let the pictures speak for themselves but just know that you missed out on some fun. There is nothing like chilling with the hoes and smoking some cigars over... eggs?

I asked kelz to let me see the glasses that she had with her and i had this bright idea to take a funny picture of myself.

I know I know. I look awful but admit it...there is no way that you arent laughing.
Then kelz wanted to do it. You look like a grandma, kelz! *laughs*

You look like a grandma, kelz! *laughs*

Then it just became a trend.

Yes those are kate's boobs staring at you...they are really friendly though so dont worry.

I think nicole looks like she belongs in a mob or something.

And the best for last....of all of these this one is my favorite.

She looks like Popeye! Oh kelly!

Anywho, Enjoy!

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Alright so as you may know i had to delete my old blog. It is a really stupid story as to why but i will tell you if you ask me.

So i am currently working on putting up all of my old posts. That is why the archives are missing a few months. I figured that i will do a little at a time.

There are a couple of things that piss me off about redoing this blog. One being that i dont really have to patience to do it. And two being that i have lost -all- of my comments. Yeah i know. Oh well i will get over. So because you love me and you feel bad about me having to delete the other one you will show me some love in my comments.


Saturday, September 18, 2004


I have my pics from me, jennie, and paul's going away party up in photobucket. The album name is 'GoAway'. These were just the ones from my camera. Jennie still has to give me hers. You know the drill about the password. Message/Ask me for it.

Some of the pictures need some explaining. Like this one...

I was really out of it and i think i was playing with my phone. Jennie was sitting where my feet are and when she got up she said, "Liz be careful when you get up." It was then that i noticed she had tied my shoes together. Bitch. At the time that i found out it was really funny. EVERYTHING was really funny. *looks around* so i took a pic of it.

My face looks really funny in some of the pics but that was only because i obviously wasnt sober. I dont remember taking half of those pics. It's kinda scary.

And no i dont know what that was in my hand but i do know that it wasnt mine. I wasnt drinking that night. Damn, if jacob only knew how damn hot he is. (not a good pic of him but just trust me the boy is hot and his persona even is better)

We had a fucking blast that night and i remember not going to sleep either. I had to move into my dorm and so i went home at 5 in the morning and loaded all of my stuff (still buzzing) and left
Victoria at like close to 8 in the morning. Good times. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


What does 'emo' look like?
-This is what it looks like, hoe.

Yeah that was last night in Kelly's room. I was so out of it. Delirium at its best. I was fucking with my hair. I had just taken a shower and was letting it air dry. I just had to take this pic. I also took one later at Wal-mart and it was my ghetto pic but something happened, somehow it vanished. *shrugs* I hate ghetto people anyway. I guess that's why it would have been funny.


So yesterday before we (me, kelly, and nicole) made our trip to Wal-Mart, I realized that i need a Sugar Daddy. That's right, a sugar daddy. Just someone to give my broke ass money every month.

I won't be getting paychecks for another 2 weeks just about and even then it's work-study. No one gets enough money with work-study...NO ONE.

There are a lot of things that i need but mostly want. I am afraid that i will be having to buy some smaller clothes soon...again. That requires money that i dont have. Dont get me wrong, losing weight rocks but its expensive. Buying new clothes is so agrivating.

So if anyone is interested in being my sugar daddy just let me know. I will be more than happy to (for once) stop being so independent and gladly take your money.

First! You must complete this application and answer the following questions. (yes there is an application process to be my sugar daddy and no, you dont have to be a male to qualify. I will still call you "daddy" though)







1. If you are selected would i have to pleasure you in any way at all? (yes i mean sexually)

2. Are you a psycho?

3. Are you sure?

4. Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

5. Sniff you there a funky odor?

6. Are your palms naturally sweaty?

7. On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad do you want to be liz's sugar daddy?

8. Does Liz Rock your socks?

Just submit your answers to the comment box and i will gladly look over your application. If you get an email from me that says "all hail liz" then congrats you have won yourself an interview. However, if you dont get an email within 24 hours of submitting your application feel free to visit the link off to the left under "DERIVED FROM BOREDOM" that says "rejection hotline" because that is where you belong. You are a reject. If you don't fill out this application then screw you, you are a reject too.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


So Atreyu isnt playing the show with TakingBackSunday, FallOutBoy and Matchbook Romance. They wont be touring with them until like a week later. Some band called The Varsity is opening the show. I like hearing and seeing new bands and stuff because i am open to that but i really wanted to see Atreyu. *snaps her fingers* dangit.

I went to my swimming class this morning and it is really crazy how much the lifeguard resembles the lead singer from Yellowcard.

Work is work. Very boring but better than the job i had last year. I love the fact that i can do whatever i want on the internet and they allow me to do my homework.

Man, I really miss Mike. He left me a message last night that made me want to cry. These are the times that i wish i had money and a car.

I called my dad last night to find out what was going on with his surgery and he said that they had to post pone it to February. He told me that he is doing okay but something in his voice is telling me differently. I dont know exactly what is going on but there is something that he isnt telling me.

I hate it when my family does this shit. They think that it is better to not let me in on anything because they dont want me to worry. I only worry more when i am left out of the loop. Just because i dont live there doesnt mean that i am not a part of the family anymore. I hate thinking about this issue. It makes my stomach crenge.

Anywho. All of that is besides the point. Kelly, I dont know what is going on but i do know that I love you. I hope that everything is okay or gets better.

Monday, September 13, 2004


getting an email from your professor saying this:

"Hi everyone,
Class will not meet today-I'm coming down with something and will be heading home shortly. Sorry for the short notice, but these things happen. I will be posting the grades for quiz 1 on blackboard when I return, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

It rocks when classes are cancelled.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Why, may you ask?
Why does Liz's mood say that she is disraught?
I'll tell you why.

One of my most favorite-est bands in the entire world has decided to 'take a break'. The sad thing is that i had no idea about this until yesterday and this has been going on for almost a full month now. Yes, i understand that they are just taking a break and not really breaking up but they might as well.

When Blink 182 'took a break' they made their come back and it sucked ass. I just need to keep my faith in Thursday. Hopefully they will stay badass...HOPEFULLY. What scares me the most is that they arent really disclosing any information that says they are actually coming back. How was i supposed to know that the last time i saw them in concert was the LAST time i saw them in concert?

Now is the time that i -really- cherish the time that i met them.

On a good note, i have a new band for you hoes to check out. Their name is The Elliot Project and they're from
Arlington. They found me on and added me. I just got through listening to some of their stuff and me likes it a lot. I have added their link to the 'bands of bliss' section. Check them out you puck ass!


My cousin messaged me last night and i just had to post this for all to see. I love drunk people but only the ones that can handle themselves.

Berm1110 (
1:17:38 AM): Hey LIz
Berm1110 (
1:17:42 AM): I love you man
ThisLizGirl (
1:17:46 AM): i love you too
Berm1110 (
1:17:48 AM): I'm so fucked up right now
Berm1110 (
1:17:53 AM): its awesome
ThisLizGirl (
1:17:53 AM): are you drunk?
ThisLizGirl (1:17:55 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:17:58 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:18:00 AM): yeah man
Berm1110 (1:18:03 AM): its not funny
Berm1110 (1:18:05 AM): its cool
ThisLizGirl (1:18:08 AM): lol
ThisLizGirl (1:18:12 AM): that is way cool
ThisLizGirl (1:18:17 AM): did you go to a party?
Berm1110 (1:18:24 AM): kinda
Berm1110 (1:18:27 AM): next door
Berm1110 (1:18:31 AM): it was awesome
Berm1110 (1:18:36 AM): i took some shots
ThisLizGirl (1:18:41 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:18:44 AM): and drank some more
Berm1110 (1:18:46 AM): and wine
Berm1110 (1:18:51 AM): and I mixed it up
ThisLizGirl (1:18:51 AM): that is so funny
Berm1110 (1:19:00 AM): damn
ThisLizGirl (1:19:04 AM): damn what
Berm1110 (1:19:12 AM): I'm all dizzy now
ThisLizGirl (1:19:15 AM): i am suprised that you can type
ThisLizGirl (1:19:18 AM): lol
ThisLizGirl (1:19:21 AM): that is what happens
Berm1110 (1:19:21 AM): i love you LIZ
ThisLizGirl (1:19:24 AM): i love you too
ThisLizGirl (1:19:27 AM): Adrian
Berm1110 (1:19:28 AM): you rule
Berm1110 (1:19:32 AM): you rock
Berm1110 (1:19:36 AM): you kick ass
ThisLizGirl (1:19:37 AM): thanks
Berm1110 (1:19:39 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:19:40 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:19:41 AM): lol
ThisLizGirl (1:19:46 AM): hahah
Berm1110 (1:19:49 AM): college fuckin rules
ThisLizGirl (1:20:00 AM): i am going to have to save this convo and send it to you
ThisLizGirl (1:20:05 AM): lol yeah it does
ThisLizGirl (1:20:27 AM): now you know why i had to stay out of victoria and come back
Berm1110 (1:20:42 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:20:51 AM): this is awesome
Berm1110 (1:20:58 AM): I'm numb all over
ThisLizGirl (1:21:41 AM): lol
Berm1110 (1:21:57 AM): I love you Liz
Berm1110 (1:22:05 AM): I'm gonna crash now
Berm1110 (1:22:07 AM): goodnite
Berm1110 is away at 1:22:18 AM.
ThisLizGirl (
1:22:19 AM): nite!

Laugh it up guys. I am sure that he will too. If you have a problem with it, hoe then you can come and do something about it.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


No.Kelly was eating waffles at dinner today and i made little balls for the hell of it. Leave me alone. I am still young at heart.

Then I thought that it would be cool to leave a note for the people that take the plates off of the conveyor belt. I just hope that it brightened someone's day. When i look at some of those people i feel like they hate their life or job or something. I dont think its me judging, its just what i see when i try to read people. I am sure that you have all done it before.


Last night was....interesting. The party last week was a lot better though. I hate it when like 40 year old people think its cool to come to a college party and hit on girls. Do you really think that telling me that i have pretty eyes will make me swoon? No, I wont marry you...have you completely lost your mind? How about the grito that you threw at me? Trust me when i say that no one finds that shit attractive. If the do they are just as insane as you. (A grito is the sound that he hear wetbacks do when singing or something...ask me to do one for you sometime, its too hard to explain.)

Anyway other than the weird encounters with gross mexicans, I had fun. Kate's blog...she was hungover. She had a blast, i know she did. I think Phil might be a little upset with me. I was buzzing pretty nicely but i think i did and said some things to offend him. Intoxication at is best, i guess.

Kate was wearing her 'please dont feed the models' was great. She and I realized that we forgot to take pictures. We did however, take this one...

but that's it. You can't see what we were wearing...obviously. We were looking damn hott me. I was sporting the cowboy hat and got a lot of compliments on it too.

Yay for IHOP...I got to see Carolyn and Ha last night! I also ran into like 7 people from
Victoria there. EEK! Oh well.

I took this last night.

I am going to try to take a better one later tonight. I want one of the whole poster. Sublime Rocks My Socks.

So does homework....not really but i do have to get some done.

Friday, September 10, 2004


Okay so I don't have the patience to re-do my blog. As you can see I have yet to finish it. So of course it is still under construction. If you are reading this on mozilla then I know that it is hard for you to see but I am working on that. I am trying to find something that will work for Internet Explorer and Mozilla. It's hard to please everyone, dammit.

I took my first Philosophy quiz today and I think I did really well. There were a lot of people talking about how they think they might have failed it. *shrugs* You win some, you lose some. Maybe they should fucking study.

Let's tally far that means my grades are looking pretty good. Economics: A, Philosophy: A English: B (I know, but I hate English and it is only the beginning of the semester so there is time to get it up) I don't know how the other classes are looking right now but only because I haven't had a test or quiz for those yet. Political Science should be an A as well as My Interpersonal Communications class and of course Swimming.

So far this bet that I have going with my dad and bro is looking pretty damn good. Fuck them for challenging me. I needed it though. I haven't been applying myself the way that I did in high school. Guess what? I have had perfect attendance to all of my courses so far this semester. *applauds* I know. Its shocking, isn't it?

Anywho. I was telling someone the other day about this really cute guy that I saw. He had -red- hair and long sideburns and I thought it was so fucking hot. I want to date someone with red hair like that just so I can say I did.

I will settle for Kirk any day though. He is too hott for words. I went swimming with Kate and of course he was there. I couldn't concentrate on my swimming because I was staring at him most of the time. I know it's pathetic but he is a great; I loved talking to him last semester about our same music interests and stuff. I am going to at least become friends with him, it would be wrong if I didn't.

Anywho. I need a nap before I go out and cause some trouble with Kate tonight.


Yes yes. I know. I have to practice what i preach. I always bitch at everyone about updating so i promise that i will when i get back from swimming.

I know you miss what i have to say.

You love coming here...admit it.

Sunday, September 05, 2004


This calls for a celebration...Yay! *throws confetti*

So if you haven't seen the movie Napolean Dynamite then you have to. That movie was -so- hilarious. Gosh!

We (Me, Kelz,
Kate, Chad
, James, Nicole and Matt) went to a party on Saturday night at my friend elise's. Man, we had -so- much fun! You dont even know. I love being drunk with kate... it's awesome.

I just love how i am music nazi. At the party i was practically the DJ. I walked straight to the CD case and started fucking with the stereo with the permission of Olga though. Olga was the one that the CDs and the stereo belonged to. I do have to say that she had an excellent choice of a stereo (it was exactly like mine but in black) and a great taste in music. Seriously what is a party without Sublime? They are only the best band ever!

Kate said that my stereo was way better and she wasnt lying either. You dont even know. Olga was cool about me fucking with the music so she let me do whatever. She also gave me her number so we can hang out more. I think that she is going to the concert with me on October the 24th. :D Gah, I cant fucking wait either.

After the party
Kate, Chad, Kelz, and James all stayed the night with me. God i just love having my own room/personal bathroom. Yay to having no roomate! Kelz, Chad
and Kate are staying with me again tonight too. I need to get a new mattress for my futon and i need to pimp out my room since i am all by myself.

I have spent most of this weekend hanging out with kate and kelz and we have had a friggin blast. Today we went shopping at the outlet and we had the time of our lives making fun of vegans and playing around with shit in the hello kitty store.

We went to Aeropostale and there was this little girl in front of us in line that was asking me about my lip ring and stuff. When she turned around i look at her purse and noticed that she had some really funny things pinned to it.

This was the first one that i noticed...

Then i looked up and saw that there were these two above it...

The one on the bottom you can barely see. It is a picture of a chick and it says, "I'm not a nugget."

I just found it so hilarious and i had to take a picture of course.

Before our voyage of shopping was over kelz discovered that there was a hello kitty store so of course we had to make an appearance. When we walked in i was easily distracted (not that its hard to for me to get like that) by this...

It seemed interesting and i wanted to see how challenging this thing really was. So i looked at all of the peices and figured that it wouldnt be too hard.

After all of the confusion and puzzling within my head i decided that i would try it. The woman told me that there is like 100 different ways to do it but i didnt care. The point is that conquered that S.O.B. with no problem at all.

So yeah...good times. To top off this labor day weekend, Jennie is coming to see me tomorrow! I am so excited. She is my most favoritest person ever. She called me earlier laughing at me because of the drunken message that i left her last night and told me that she was heading to San Antonio
. So i told that hoe that she better be coming to see me on her way back to H-town.

I hope that your labor day weekend was as fun as mine. If not then just cry me a river and dont ruin whats left of mine.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


So please don't flatter yourself.

This is for Jennie because I know that she loves this pic...she thinks I am hott. hehe. I miss you and love you lots, jen!

Anywho. I think that this is something that -really- needs to be posted. So I had my job interview (which I got hired on the spot at because I rock) bright and early this morning at 8. It took me a whole 5 minutes so I decided to go and eat breakfast before I had my swimming class at 9. I kinda had the feeling that I would be done early so I brought my book for my 12:30
class with me so I could read some more and stuff.

Interesting enough there was a guy that was sitting behind me and well he was a military dick. He started to talk to his friend that was with him about how he wants to be a sniper and I quote:

"See I don't think that its right to kill someone from a distance without them knowing that you are there. But I also don't think its right to crash a plane into a building and kill 3000 people. That's why I want to be a sniper, I would be good at it."

Yes those are his exact words...I had a pen in my hand and I took it down. I hate being misquoted so I don't do it to anyone else.

This fucker will be joining the Navy after he is done with undergrad. He better be glad that it was too early for me to function or I would have said something to his ignorant ass.

Alright. So here are my tangets to the military dick.

Afghanistan were the ones that caused the whole 9/11 controversy...not Iraq. AFGHANISTAN

2. you shouldn't be shooting at them because the president that we have went to war with them for a completely stupid reason.

3. Show me the weapons of mass destruction and I will shut up. Till then know what you are talking about.

4. Being a sniper for that reason is really retarded and someone should snipe your ass.

5. What a sad world you live in where you will soon be owned by the government and you really have no idea of why you are fighting a war.

Enough said.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So i think that i have to apologize for my post being bitchy yesterday. Shit happens and i already know that. I shouldnt complain all the time but i know that i do. Kelly actually pointed out to me yesterday that i complain -a lot- ... a whole lot. I complained about the bus taking too long but really it was ridiculous i was waiting forever...the buses never run on time.

All in all today was an okay day. I bought a poster in the quad today... the johnny depp poster! *drools* man if only i could have him. I paid 15 dollars for it but it is so worth it because the poster is gigantic! I know that i shouldnt be buying stuff because i dont really have a job right now but oh well...its freaking johnny depp!

Speaking of jobs...i have an interview tomorrow with the Political Science department so hopefully that will go well. *crosses her fingers* I really need a job but only because of the independent person that i am. I work for everything that i want and that includes the concerts that i want to attend. I cant miss Taking Back Sunday, Matchbook Romance *orgasm*, Fall Out Boy and Atreyu. If i miss that show i will kick myself in the ass forever. I also have some bills to pay so of course a job is really needed. Damn cell phone and credit card! Thank God it doesnt take up all of my money.

Was today not the best weather day this year? This is what i love about
Texas. When we have days like this i appreciate it more because it is always so freaking hot and this campus doesnt really help that too much. I loved the fact that when i walked out of my dorm this morning that i decided to walk to class (yeah i know it is really far) but it was too nice to ride the bus. I didnt really have to wear my sunglasses today either because it wasnt too bright. You gotta love Texas

Anywho, i know that there was something that i had to do but i cant remember at the moment so i am going to go and try to remember. peace out.