Thursday, July 29, 2004


Let me clarify something for those of you who aren't blessed with the smarts. When a low blood sugar develops in a diabetic that person tends to grow weak, begins to shake, and cannot function very well. Hence the reasoning for putting sugar into your gain that energy that is needed. However, it is when a high blood sugar occurs that the person will grow irritable, angry, aggravated or what was the word that was used? oh yeah...pissed.


*Note: If you are going to make fun of someone at least do it right and know what you are talking about.


*does the happy dance* My B-day is in a few minutes.




Kelly just called me a few minutes ago and asked me how to say 'flip-flops' in spanish. It's because I'm mexican isnt it? Suprisingly i had the answer that she was looking for. God I love that kid.


(Liz trying to be ghetto) Brush them haters off. Never let the things that dont matter revolve around your world...yo.


I have a better way of explaining my full time, afternoon job. You know those annoying people that you have to deal with whenever you have a problem with your cellphone or something? Yeah...I am one of those. The only difference is that i work for Nextel. Most of you have do
shh. *winks* I kinda feel like a traitor but its not like i am making sales or anything. I am simply porting numbers from one service provider to nextel or vice versa.

What sucks about this job is that we aren't allowed reading material at our desks. Even when we aren't receving any phone calls for like 2 hours straight. I desperately wish we could read. We can talk to the people around us but, I would rather read than hear the person in the next cubicle bitch about how they got pregnant at a really young age and that now they are hoping to stay at this job for the rest of their lives. Its not my fault that you are stupid. *shakes her head* we live in this world. One good thing is that we can i just jog things down and save it for my journal later.

I have to mention this hilarious ass shit before i forget all about it. You know the dorky guy with the braces that plays in the movie pretty in pink and the breakfast club? well, there is this supervisor at work that looks exactly like him. I think i am going to ask him if i can take a picture with him sometime before i go back to
san marcos
. I cant help but to giggle everytime that i see him.

So for the past two days (monday and tuesday) i was getting paid to do nothing. All i had to do was sit there. Them bastards didnt have all of my IDs and passwords for the systems that i need to operate the port requests. So today (technically yesterday considering the hour) was my first day for receiving calls. The shit that i am doing is entirely too easy for me yet i am getting 8 dollars an hour seems to me that it should be less. *shrugs* No complaints here...they can give me more if they think it is neccessary. I do however have a silly but really cool supervisor. He told me that i dont have to come into work on friday for my birthday. :D He is now on my list of favorite people.


Speaking of my birthday...
Damn you jennie! Damn you for getting a job this week! *whines* why did you have to get one this week? why couldnt you just be a bum until monday? *stops whining* k. I am over it. The birthday plans are going to have to be revised. I am going to end up hanging with christine all afternoon with daniel and maybe a few other people until everyone else gets here and we start the party.

I know for sure that i am most likely not going to see a movie now. Fuck you if you think that i am going to pussy out of those nipples peircings though. I -will- get them. I think christine might have mentioned something about wanting to go with me when i get them done but i have no idea of what time that is going to be and if i am allowed to have a lot of people in there with me. We shall see.

Hopefully everything will work should though...i am not going to let anything, or anyone at that matter, fuck it up for me. ANYONE! The party is going to be great fun. Thank you daniel for throwing the party and shawnda for hosting it at your place (no different from all of the other 0578 parties that we have had this summer).


For all of you coming into town for my day...i cant wait to see you! One more day! Woohoo!


Kelz, I decided that i am not going to send you a map because i think that you will be okay by just calling me. You dont need one. I did make one for Nicole but that is only because she is directionally challenged. Hence the 3 1/2 hour car ride to
. The one should have only taken her 2 hours. hehe. *winks* Thank God Kelly is coming with her. God knows what could have happened to her.


Peace out, yo.


Monday, July 26, 2004


That's right you should be because i have lost 25 pounds this summer. :D

I am sorry that is has been a while since i have updated but have no fear. It is tough now to find the time to do anything really. I am working 2 jobs, i have been reading, studying, working out and of course the never ending partying (there is nothing else to do in
Victoria). My full time job is alright but it is kinda boring. I feel like someone out of the movie office's crazy. I have a cubicle and my own phone and computer and i had to learn like a million different codes and shit. I am working for Nextel with porting cell phone numbers and a weird way it is almost like chatting with someone else but not really...i give up on trying to explain.

I am just about done with that book that i have been reading. Dont get me wrong i love Chuck Palahniuk but i think that choke was way better.

Countdown: 4 days till my birthday and man i am so excited. I have a whole day of shit to do. I am taking off on my afternoon job so that i can do it all too. First i have to work my morning job and then i am getting picked up by jennie and she is taking me to lunch then we are going to see a movie. We havent decided if we are going to wath The Village or Harold and Kumar or whatever but we are going to watch one of them. Then (the highlight of the day) i am getting my nipples peirced and so is jen and paul. Its gonna be awesome but painful from what i keep hearing. Then later we are going to dinner and the party will begin. Hopefully daniel will quit opening his big ass mouth because there are already gonna be a shitload of people there. I cant wait to see you guys that are coming will definitely brighten my day and all the pain that i am going to be feeling.

Sorry Kelz for not answering i was really tired and i put my cell phone on silent because i knew that daniel and jennie would call and i wanted to sleep. I had to be up at 7 this morning for work. I will give you a call later before or after my second job. It was so funny though because i had 10 missed calls when i woke up so i guess that means that i am loved.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


*NOTE: it was like 4 in the morning when i wrote this so some of it probably doesnt make any sense...but in this world it doesnt matter...nothing makes sense these days.

*opens the door*
I am a bitch and sometimes bitchy when i have a reason to be.
I love everything about myself though i do hate my lack of patience.
I try not to depend on anyone because it will only lead to heartbreak.
So i started to contemplate many things.
The thought of a significant other came up.
The thought of what i would be like with the next one.
The thought of what i would want from him.
It wouldnt phase me if he was late unless i needed to get away from something or needed to be somewhere on time.
It wouldnt phase me even if he wanted to leave early because i would cherish the few minutes or hours that i spent with him.
Sometimes it is good to not be around that persom for some time alone.
Time that could be spent reading a book (chuck palahniuk, preferably), fooling around on the internet or working out.
I want someone that can respect my solitude.
I want him too to be solitary at times so that we may always be correct.
I would be the Liz that i am and just wear my jeans, a t-shirt, and my vans in assurance that i will be comfortable.
I wouldnt even be an attention whore and i pray that he wouldnt be either.
I would dress up at his request and only when i feel like it (which isnt often) just so he appreciates it more.
I would embed those compliments that i do receive only that i may not get one everyday (which is totally okay with me).
I wouldnt obbsess over making sure that i am always 'fixed up'.
I wouldnt let it phase me if i did try so hard to look my best and didnt get a second glance.
Only my opinion would matter with the ocassional 'does this look okay?'
I wouldnt workout for him but... for myself? of course.
I would love him for the things that -do- matter.
Him...he would matter.
I pray that he would only be bored with me when i am sick or asleep.
If -he- isnt happy...its over.
Simple as that.
He has to be cant always be about me.
Random thoughts of breaking up wouldnt bother me unless there isnt good reasoning.
I will just move on the way that i did with the last (gradually).
I want someone as fuck.
Someone to hold intelligent conversations with over political issues and books.
Someone that i can enjoy music with and go to concerts with.
Whats that?
Unless there is -great- reasoning then jealousy wouldnt exist.
I want him to be able to look at another girl and say that she is cute or hot without worrying about me getting upset.
Look at the menu...just dont order or touch.
I would understand that there is no way that i would be the only girl in his life.
Hang out with your girlfriends without feeling guilty...tell me how it went.
I want someone to talk to when i have these random thoughts.
I am now at a prime time of happiness.
This summer is just what the doctor ordered.
I have lost a lot of weight (almost the full 30lbs that i intended to lose).
I have ended bad relationships.
I have -great- fucking friends.
I feel smarter than usual.
I dont feel ugly or even fat.
So riddle me this...
All of the above are great things, right?
If so...then why cant i have that guy now?
So I asked someone this and...nothing.
No answer with just a shrug.
'Liz, you're so fucking cool.'
Yeah yeah...I've heard that many times (not to have a big head).
I have no one to show for it though.
Thought i did but we all know how that went.
I just hope he is happy because the whole reason for the breakup was for his happiness.
No, this isnt about the 'him' that you think it is he just came up at the end.
This is all the's all me.
Sorry, just me being an emo Liz again...dont let it 'phase' you.
*closes the door*

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


that anytime i want to just have meaningless sex that it is only a phone call away. :/

Monday, July 12, 2004


If the world that we are forced to accept is false and nothing is true then everything is possible.
On the way to discovering what we love we will find everything we hate, everything that blocks our path and what we desire.
Comfort will never be comfortable to those who seek what is not on the market.
A systematic questioning of the idea of happiness.
We'll cut the vocal chords of every empowered speaker.
We'll yank the social symbols through the looking glass.
We'll devalue society's currency.
To confront the familiar.
Society is a fraud so complete and venal that it demands to be destroyed beyond the power of memory to recall its existence.
Where there is fire we will carry gasoline.
Interrupt the continuum of everyday experience and all the normal expectations that go with it.
To live as if something actually depended on one's actions.
To rupture the spell of the ideology of a co modified consumer society so that our oppressed desires of a more authentic nature can come forward.
To demonstrate the contrast between what life presently is and what it could be.
To immerse ourselves in the oblivion of action to know what we're making it happen.
There will be an intensity never before known in everyday life to exchange love and hate, life and death, terror and redemptions, repulsions and actions.
An affirmation of freedom so reckless and unqualified that it amounts to a total denial of every kind of restraint and limitation.

Ripped from Waking Life.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


So i just wanted to update for no paticular reason...uh...let's see...something interesting...uh *thinks*.

oooh, I got it! The party that i was on my way to last night got busted by the cops! me and jennie were about to go over there when i got a phone call from this girl named lindsey...she had said that danielle dropped her keys in the grass and that they were hiding from the cops behind a different building and that they needed us to come and get them. It was so funny when we got there the cops were still there but danielle had found her keys and we ended up just going to dennys until we knew everything was cool. i ended up going swimming at like
4 o'clock
in the morning. hehe maybe it will help me to lose more weight.

Still dont know who my roomie is and i hope to find out soon. *crosses fingers* please let it be someone that i can tolerate.

I have been reading a lot lately...i went to the library the other day and i checked out a whole bunch of Chuck Palahniuk books and i am currently reading Invisible Monsters and i got my little sister into him too...she just finished choke.

I love how i always complain that i have too many t-shirts and yet i have purchased another one but i couldnt pass this one up.

i know...i know...i am a dork.

I miss you kelz...i love you kelly!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


The countdown begins...
One Month
One Week and
Five days
...until ThisLizGirl makes her return to
San Marcos
for her sophomore year!

I put some pictures up on photobucket under 'The Nova' its my future car once i can convince my brother to give it to me. I took the pictures of the camaro off because no one cares about that anymore now that he has his new sexy one. Try not to drool all over your keyboard when you are taking a look...unless you have a waterproof one, then i think you will be okay.

Today is the 15 day mark, you see, every 15 days i measure myself to make sure that i am still losing weight...inches rather and i am proud to announce that this time i have lost half-inches to inches everywhere. Let me also not forget to mention that i have not had to take any medicine in the past week because i am in good health. No. -Great- health. Enough of the talk i need to go and workout and keep it up. Peace.

Saturday, July 03, 2004


She used to adore me, you know.
Once upon a time I knew her all too well.
Ask her...
Ask her about that scar and she'll say, 'on my hip?'
Ask her about her mole and she'll say, 'on my stomach?'
Ask her about her piercing and she'll say, 'on my lip?'
Ask her what her favorite color and she'll say, 'I like them all.'
Ask her who her favorite band is and she'll say, 'I have a lot of them.'
Ask her what her major is and she'll say, 'I'm a double in Persuasive Communications and Political Science.'
Ask her if she is a diabetic and she'll say, 'unfortunately,but not for long.'
Ask her if she is a democrat or republican and she'll say, 'liberal.'
Ask her what denomination she is and she'll say, 'a non-practicing catholic.'
Ask her what her favorite movie is; she'll say, 'I'm a movie there are many.'
Ask her about high school; she'll say, 'my grades and debate were my life.'
Ask her about me...
*uneasy chuckle*
Ask her.
She'll probably say, 'I dont know who you're talking about.'

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Liar...the only thing that you will ever live up to.
Fuck Respect.
You don't respect yourself and show none to others.
Careless with yourself and material things as well.
-I- am selfish?
You are one to talk.
Do not step on my toes for they are mine.
If you only knew how 'selfish' I am...would you change your opinion?
The one that doesnt matter?
Simple minded fool.
What life you live.
No. Not worthless. is Laziness in which consumes you.
Do not tell yourself that you are worthless.
For you will begin to believe it.
That you are.
Why...if i am so forthright to ask?
Why is it that you believe you deserve him?
You messed up and no one else is to blame.
I am your 'number one'?
I, you call 'your best friend'?
That's a laugh.
Those names -you- gave me.
If I am what you say I am...why must you LIE to me?
You have lost -all- respect that i have for you.
I respect no liars.
I have turned far too many cheeks.
It is here and now that i will turn no more.
I only ask of you one thing.
The day you come crawling back?
Remember this...
Remember this.