Monday, June 28, 2004


Warped Tour Ticket: $34.16
Ozarka Bottled Water: $4.00
32 oz. Sprite w/xtra ice: $5.50
Getting see most of your favorite bands in a pit, waking up sore with a ton of bruises, a sore throat, and a horrible sunburn: PRICELESS, BITCHES!

We stayed with kelz and we got to see james too. They both went with us. We had great fun but then again i always have great fun when i hang with kelz.

what can i say warped tour was just awesome and i am gonna have some pictures put up soon. We got there at 12 and we waited in line for an hour after paying a few people to cut in front of them. We finally got in at 1 just as Rise against started playing on the main stage left. Jennie, Paul, and myself bullied our way to the front which wasnt too bad considering that most of the people were still trying to get in. It was so fucking hot that i am surprised that i didnt pass out or something. During Rise against i got kicked in the head and it messed up my hair but it was still great. Jennie said that the bassist was playing with his hand bleeding all over the that is just awesome. The lead singer from rise against has two different color eyes the left was blue and the right was brown or hazel i think. They put on a great show and i definitely wouldnt mind seeing them again.

We saw Yellowcard from the back...i dont really like their new stuff so i didnt think it would be worth bullying my way to the front i needed to save my energy for bands that i really love.

Story of the Year was great. I pushed my way to the front and man it was crazy up there. I got kicked in the head a few times from the crowd surfers but it didnt stop me from having a great time. Damn, the bassist is so hot. They sang my favorite song 'dive right in' and while he was singing it he came and dove into the crowd it was so cool i wasnt too far from him but i wasnt close enough to touch him although i tried...screw having short arms.

I forgot how good coheed and cambria is in concert it has been a while since i have seen them and i think that it is time that i go and buy their cds. Those guys are awesome and i love his voice. *swoons*

So i really love Taking Back Sunday and this was my second time seeing them. This was the craziest pit that i was in all day i got kicked in the head a total of eight times and i have a bump on my forehead from some bitch's converse. Sometimes i think the lead singer is gay but then again i dont know. When i saw Fall Out Boy play at the Backroom in
Pete (the bassist) hung himself from the ceiling and started singing...same thing happened with the lead singer from was cool and i got a picture of it. I have never sweat so much before in my life as i did while in the front for TBS. Because i got kicked so much my hair was so messed up that i just took it down to realize that it was soaking wet from all of the sweating i was doing. It was so crammed up there that i dont think that i ever put my arms down...yay for degree...that shit really does work when your heat rises. Their new song is cool and i cant wait for their new cd to come out witch by the way comes out 3 days before my birthday (HINT HINT) somebody, anybody. :D By the time they were done playing and i left the crowd i looked like i had just been thrown in a pool with all of my clothes on.

So i had a break after seeing them because none of the bands that i really wanted to see were playing and this is when i went and bought that expensive ass sprite but i do have to say it was the best damn sprite i have ever had. Some girl in line thought that i had cut in front of her and was whining so i finally told her. 'why dont you just keep whining about it and go slit your wrist or something.' There were several times that i could have potentially gotten my ass kicked. hehe So this is when i went over the Volcom stage and just sat down and listened to a few of the bands that were playing...they werent that great but hey its music!

Thursday was my next big project and man i went insane when the singer did his pop and lock thing with his arms. I forgot how sexy he looks when he is on stage, they too are another band that i havent seen in a while. I started in the middle back with jennie and paul and then i was like 'screw it i am going to the front' so once again like the bully i am i went all the way to the front and had the time of my life. I almost died when they started playing 'autobiography of a nation' because that is my favorite song off of full collapse. Jennie said that she liked it better when the lead singer had his hair black but i think he is hot either way. It was funny when in the middle of their performance he said "I just want to thank of the guys out here for not violating these beautiful ladies out here and grabbing their boobies whenever it is convenient." he did the hand motion of grabbing a boob and i thought that was the really funny part.

By the time that Bad Religion played i was exhausted so i stood in the back and watched them jam out.

Alkaline Trio was the last band to play and that last that we saw. They are the coolest dorks in the world and we left right before they finished so we didnt have to worry about an assload of traffic. We ended up leaving at about
so that comes to a little over 8 hours in the sun and i survived! (of course with a sunburn...even on my scalp but it was well worth it.)

All in All i had a blast. I got some free gum, condoms, and stickers. i lost one of my earrings at Rise against and i lost the back to the other and then during TBS i lost the back to one from my other set. oh well shit happens...the way i see it is i can get some more earrings any day so i didnt care and i enjoyed myself. Here is the even better part i was sober the whole time. No drugs or alcohol. This was definitely a great event for my summer. I think i have said enough and i am tired of typing and it is uncomfortable to sit this long. later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Alright so it just came to my attention that i -completely- forgot to tell everyone that my cell phone recovered 3 hours after it fell into a coma. I just remembered when i got a message yesterday and two more emails today...i really did mean to send an email later that night but because i was so happy i went out instead. it was so sad...that was the day that i was the happiest all summer...but i am glad to announce that things are getting better.

My Birthday is coming soon and guess what? i -am- going to be able to have a dad's benefit bar-b-q has been moved from the day after my birthday to August the 29th. It really makes me happy knowing that i will see all of you on my day. :D

My bro got his new car and boy oh boy is it sexy. I am going to put some pictures up later this week when it stops raining. He got a 1970 Chevy Nova *orgasm* my dream car is a 1969 Chevy you can only imagine the jealousy.

Grace and Billy are getting married! and with the way it is going i am going to be one hot maid of honor! my mom measured me again and i have lost two more inches in the last 15 days. So that means that diet and exercise is successful!

I had a job interview yesterday and i got it...i will work full time for 8 dollars an hour. I have another interview tomorrow somewhere else and we will see how that goes...maybe i can work two jobs next month when my class is over. (just to make up for all of this time that i havent been working.)

Still going to warped tour on sunday...yay! that is what is keeping me going for the rest of this week.

So see things have gotten better already and this summer of hell is brightening up! I almost forgot to mention that i put up some more pictures in the mi familia folder with my cute ass cousins...check them out. For the password you know the I hope all is well with everyone else. Time to study...tata!

Sunday, June 20, 2004


alright i put some more pics up on photobucket and the link is there to the right...there are a few in 'Victoria' one of josh (the one who died) and two really cool looking ones and i added a new album called 'mi familia'. Some of those pics in the 'mi familia' folder are from back in the day and there are some from now too. The ones of me in my blue shirt and scarf are the ones from earlier today when we had a big bar-b-q at my grandparents place. if you need the password you know the, message me, or email. since i have a lot of time on my hands i am going to put an album up for some high school pics and the trip to boston. take care guys and keep it real, yo. Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Alright so my cell phone (my life) is broken and has gone on to a better place...let us all take a moment of silence to remember what great fun we had with that phone.


Okay, so now that that is over with i need all of you bitches to email me with your numbers because i dont have any of them at all. I hate myself for this i was totally gonna write them all down the other day...i guess that is what procrastination does to you. it is just my luck for something like this to life has just been shit upon shit this whole fucking summer and to top it off this can imagine the fury. anywho, voicemail still works so if you want you can call and just leave a message but i would prefer that you email me so i can write it down and have it in my journal under OPERATION GET ALL OF MY NUMBERS BACK. gracias...that is all.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Joshua "Josh" A. Gonzalez, 15, of Victoria, died on Saturday, June 12, 2004.

You will be greatly missed.
Crack them up.
Crack them up with your great sense of humor.
Charm them.
Charm them with your looks.
Make them smile.
Smiles are contagious you know.
You have a great one to be caught.
You didnt deserve to leave the way you did.
but at least you left.
who needs to be here?
in a world like this?
you dont need to. -will- be greatly missed.

*cries* they can rot in hell. they can rot in hell for taking the life of a 15 year old. they can rot in hell for taking my cousins best friend. they can rot in hell for what they did. they can just rot in hell.

Friday, June 11, 2004


Jerk isnt the word, but its the first word that comes to mind...

see also: assholes
see also: fuckers

alright so everyone knows that two of my -greatest- pet peeves are ghetto mexicans and drunk driving but the combination of the two is worse...-much- worse. although, i have not had to experience such a fucking thing before it doesnt mean that i am not pissed off about what happened to my bro this morning at like
4:47am. I wasnt here but i heard the whole story and saw what was left when i arrived at 5:30 in the morning. so here goes...*takes a deep breath*

On fridays my dad has to be at work at 5 in the morning and he was in the bathroom when he heard a loud bang at about 4:47am, he ran to the front room and looked out the window to see that my bro's car was hit by a car from behind, pushed onto the curb and into a telephone pole. my bro usually parks his car on the shoulder in front of our house because the driveway is designated to my parents suburban. also dont let me forget to mention that there is a sign not even 20 feet away from where my bro parks his car that says 'DO NOT DRIVE ON SHOULDER' but of course some people are illiterate...especially drunk ghetto mexicans. so my dad went and woke my bro and told him to call the cops. the minute after he called the cops he walked outside and heard the girl say "lets go...we need to get out of here." and my bro was pissed and responded "you arent fucking going anywhere, the cops are on their way and if you leave i will kick your ass." and yes i totally believe that he said bro can get pretty pissed when you fuck him the wrong way. Like myself, my bro works hard for the things that he has especially that nice ass car also let me not forget to mention that not even a week ago he had the engine rebuilt and now it is all gone to shit once again. so after telling them off...the girl that was with the guys was like "okay well if we cant leave lets at least get rid of the beer" so they ran down the side of our house and to the back where they disposed of their liver killing beverages in the alley. When the cops arrived they did their cop work by asking questions and had a tow truck sent over. They took the kids in the cop car to the station where i am sure their parents got some wonderful wake up calls two of them go PIs and i am not sure about the driver i think he got a DWI and more.
I was out with Daniel so i was coming home at about 5:30 and we turned the corner onto the street that i live on and see lights from the tow truck and all that i kept thinking was 'what the fuck is that?' when we got closer i heard daniel say "liz its your brother" my heart literally dropped, i thought that he had ran his car into the telephone pole (my bro tends to drink alot and drive...suprisingly has never been in a wreck though) and then i noticed that there was a neon (totally ruined) on the back of the tow truck. so me and dan parked on the opposite side of the street and walked across to see that my mom, dad, a very pissed off brother (lawrence) , angela, joseph and the dog were all outside. so we (me and dan) started asking my mom questions because my brother was really pissed pissed that he didnt want to talk...he can get like that. daniel had a digital camera in his car so we had my dad shine a flashlight on everthing and took some pictures. i put them up on photobucket...s/n: ThisLizGirl and if you dont remember the password then hit up the cell or message me or even We are going to take some more pics later on when my mom gets some film i will have those scanned and put up on the internet sometime next week...they will be better quality because it wont be dark.

THis is why i am always happy to be designated driver. i hate drunk pissed as i am at those ghetto ass kids one of them could have killed themselves or someone innocent. what if my bro was just getting in his car? or what if he was just getting out? see...that shit just isnt cool. if i ever find out that any of my friends are drunk driving i will have them maimed by yours joke. -never- risk your life and others...that's just selfish. stupid fucking ghetto ass mexican jerk assholes. all i can say is that those kids better pray that they never see my bro again or else things might get violent. i am going to sleep because god knows i havent gotten any yet. later.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


alright so i got the list of the bands playing the show in SA for warped tour and yes i am pissed that matchbook romance, fall out boy, and from autumn to ashes arent playing but the show will still be good. Thursday will be there (thank god) and so will senses fail so i am still know the drill...the ones highlighted/italicized are the ones that i am -really- looking forward to. love, peace,and chicken grease.

Age of Ruin
Alkaline Trio
All American Rejects

Amber Pacific
Autopilot Off
Bad Religion

Bled, The
Bouncing Souls
Breakdance Vietnam
Casualties, The
Code of the Cutz Stage
Coheed and Cambria
Days Like These
Dynamite Boy
Early November, The
Eighteen Visions
Erks, The
Eye Liners, The
Faith Called Chaos, A
Flogging Molly
Fly by Night
From First to Last
Fuck Ups, The
Go Betty Go
God Awfuls, The
Good Charlotte
Happy Campers
Hazen Street
Hidden in Plain View
IMA Robot
Juliette Lewis and the Licks
Left Alone (BBQ BAND)
Letter Kills
Moments in Grace
My Chemical Romance
New Found Glory
Ready to Fail
Red West, The
Rise Against
Senses Fail

Silence, The
Single Frame
Small Victory, A
Sounds, The
Spell Toronto
Staring Back
Story of the Year

Straight out of Jr High
Stretch Arm Strong
Taking Back Sunday

Tokyo Rose
Vandals, The
Yesterdays Rising

only like 25 dollars for all of these bands...of course it is worth it you bitches better go or i will...i will...punch you!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


what the hell am i doing up so early!? i dont have class for another few hours and i have been up since 6:45 this morning. Arg, to weird ass sleeping habbits.

so alright some of you know that when i make a new cd i usually go up to someone and tell them 'quick what's the first word that comes to your head?' so i did that to my brother last night and he said 'chlamydia' that's right folks my cd is now named chlamydia and i find it hilarious. i was thinking about nicknaming it 'the clap' but i figured why not just stick with what it really is...a big cd of chlamydia.

Update on diabetes: sugars - have been excellent (even without taking my shots), exercise - going well, diet - going strong and sticking to it, and finally weight - has gone down. *applauds* i am so proud of myself :D *tear*. i am going to put a picture up on photobucket of me when i was at school just before the summer started and then i am going to take one of me now and show you bitches the difference. i will do that later this week sometime because i have a test on Thursday that i am going to try and spend most of my free time studying for. My teacher is a nazi and i have chlamydia...the cd that is. Rock.

Saturday, June 05, 2004


*sighs* i wish it were now though.

still no job and i started my summer I history class on Wednesday and all that i have to say is that my teacher is an ass,nay, a nazi. first of all he is a conservative (like most people in this god forsaken town are) and second he is just plain out of his mind.

so i get into class and i sit down next to ralph *orgasm* man i remember that kid from school, i want him, he is the only other guy that i met that is a hardcore mxpx fan like me, he is a year younger than me but omg, guess what? he is going to
Texas State
and he is going to be a sound recording major. yay! anyway thats besides the point.

so i sit down and wait for the arrival of my teacher. he is a man that is scrony and is about my maybe 5'7? and has glasses, gray hair and a full beard. The first thing that i notice is that he talks through his teeth...can we say annoying? 'How the hell am i gonna do this?' is all i keep thinking... number one: i -hate- history with a passion and number two: i can barely stand taking a class that is only an hour and fifteen minutes long *freaks out* two hours!? *takes a deep breath* oh man. So i get the syllabus...dum dum dum. i have two tests next week! From the description and format i -just- know that his tests are going to be ridiculous! *sighs* wtf? one test on monday over a book in which i didnt even have at that time and one on thursday over the first unit. so i get the book that i need to read on thursday after class and of course i dont start reading until today...well friday (technically). The book: A Delusion of Satan by Fraces Hill its the full story of the
witch trials and it is a big fucking book! small print...250 pages. man. i can feel the stress pimples coming on as i type...oh well.

thank god i didnt take 6 hours, his class is a handful as it is. cant say that i wasnt warned about him though. once again shit happens. well i am off to read some more about crap that i dont really give a shit about. tata!