Friday, May 28, 2004


so i was getting kinda bummed about not having a job because i really want to go to warped tour and i told jennie that i would buy her ticket for her birthday but i will be getting a job soon so i -can- and -will- make it to warped tour this year bitches. here is the line up:


Alkaline Trio
All Rights Reserved
Amber Pacific
Anatomy of A Ghost
Another Damn Dissapointment
The Aquabats
Audio Karate
Autopilot Off
Avenged Sevenfold
Bad Religion
The Beautiful Mistake
Big D and the Kids
Billy Talent
Bleed the Dream
Break Dance Vietnam
Break the Silence
The Briggs
Bouncing Souls (almost saw them...left early)
Boys Night Out
The Casualties
Chronic Future
The Code
Coheed and Cambria (seen them)
Crowned King
Don't Look Down
Die Hunns
Dynamite Boy (seen them)
Early Man
The Early November
Eight Fingers Down
The Erks
The Eyeliners
A Faith Called Chaos
Fall Out Boy (seen them) *orgasm*
Fighting Jacks
Flogging Molly
From Autumn to Ashes
From First to Last
The F Ups
Go Betty Go
The God Awfuls
Good Charlotte (yuck!)
The Groovie Ghoulies
Happy Campers
Hazen Street
Hidden in Plain View
H Is Orange
The Hurt Process
Hurry Up Offense
IMA Robot
Immortal Technique
In So Far
The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Jessy Moss
Juliette & the Licks
Kill Radio
The Kinison
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
Left Alone
Letter Kills
Lillix (wtf? they are going to be there? *shrugs*)
Lordz of Brooklyn
Mae (seen them)
Matchbook Romance *orgasm* (seen them and met the singer) *orgasm*
The Matches
Montys Fan Club
Motion City Soundtrack
Much the Same
My Chemical Romance
New Found Glory
Non Phixion
Only Crime
Opiate 4 the Masses
O're The Ramparts
Over It
The Phenomenauts
Planet Smashers
Plans for Revenge
The Q
The Red West
Reeve Oliver
The Revolution Smile
Rise Against
Rolling Blackouts
Rose Hill Drive
Senses Fail (-so- pissed when i missed them in austin.)
Shiner Massive
Side 67
The Silence
Simple Plan (bitch, please!)
Single Frame
The Snakes, The Cross, The Crown
The Sounds
Spell Toronto
Split Sense
Stars Hide Fire
Straight Outta Junior High
Stretch Armstrong
Stole Your Woman
Story of the Year
Suffocate Faster
Sugarcult (seen them)
The Swear
Taking Back Sunday (seen them)
Thicker Than Thieves
A Thorn For Every Heart
Thursday (seen them & have their autograph)
Thought Riot
Tiger Army
The Tossers
Trophy Scars
Truth in Fiction
Under Oath
Unit F
Van Stone
The Vandals
Victory Within
Wanted Dead
Washington Social Club
The Working Title
Yellowcard (seen them)
Yesterday's Rising

The ones that are italicized (sp?)are the ones i am -really- looking forward to. i am really really really really -really- -REALLY- excited that they have added matchbook romance...i think i will cry. i am getting exicited it's only a month away! June 27th in SA at the Verizon wireless amphitheatre (sp?) so yeah. you bitches better go! for real, yo!

Monday, May 24, 2004


okay so i promised no more long posts but trust me i needed to get this one out and i am know you love me though so just read it!

Yay for finally almost getting a job...i have an interview sometime next week for HEB and with this job i will be able to have more money next year. i am going to get transfered to the one right by campus so that i dont have to do work study and i will get more hours and be making more. :D

so i found out today after his appointment that my dad -isnt- getting any better...doctors said that he needs another surgery. good news: the blood vessels in the back of his eyes that were bleeding before have stopped bleeding...bad news: there are new ones that are bleeding now. i am serioiusly upset about this guys. i wish that my family didnt have to have so many medical problems. *shrugs* you just gotta take what is given to you and do something about it or just live with it. anywho we are planning on having a benefit for him the day after my birthday so that we can get the medical bills paid. pray for us, guys. actually, pray for my mom she is the one that is going to put it together. i am contemplating on whether or not to cancel my birthday celebration to help with the benefit. my family needs this and i dont need to be selfish and think about my birthday...there will always be one next year. *tear*

because of all the crap that my family is going through i have found my motivation for losing weight. i -will- lose enough weight the get off of all of my meds so my mom wont have to worry about paying for those...every little bit helps. i went and saw the doctor like 2 weeks ago and my diabetes are under control! woohoo! that isnt all though ladies and gents! he took me off of one of my meds...the expensive one too. i am one step closer to not having to worry about my diabetes! there have already been several people that have told me that i have lost weight already...and man it makes me feel so damn awesome. i am gonna cry the day that the doctor takes me off of all my meds and tells me that i am awesome. if all i had to do this whole time that i have been diabetic (which is like a little over 3 years) was lose weight...then why hasnt my lazy ass done it? and that is the answer...lazy. but not anymore! i am gonna do this...i -am- gonna do this...for myself but above all for my family.

once again this is my summer of improvements and my summer of me.

I -really- like this song, and man do i ever -love- sublime. I dont care what anyone says they -are- one of the greatest bands in the -entire- world.


Doin' Time Lyrics

summertime and the livin's easy
and bradley's on the microphone w/ ras m.g.
all the people in the dance will agree
that we are well qualified to represent the lb g
me and louie run to the party
dance to the rhythm it gets harder me and my girl got this relationship

i love her so bad but she treats me like...
i'm on lock down like a penitentiary she
spreads her lovin' all over and then there's none left for me

[chorus] oh take this veil from off my eyes
a burning sun will one day rise
so what am i gonna be doin' for a wife
i guess i'll have to play it myself show them how we come off the shelf
[chorus] evil i've come to tell you that she's evil most definately

evil ornery scandalous and evil
tension is getting hotter i'd like to hold her head underwater

lets play a game...i put some of this in bold letters...who can guess who i was thinking about when i heard this song, specifically on these parts?

Sunday, May 23, 2004

"that you fall for every empty word i say" - BrandNew
(i hate falling for people's empty words...those people suck.)

today i ate turkey...then i worked i am tired and sleepy. goodbye.

Saturday, May 22, 2004 more long posts...i promise. I was really hyper that night...i mean morning...whatever.

1. People suck...yes there is someone particular in mind i dont just say it for the hell of it.

2. I fixed my links...last i heard christine had to delete her live journal...funny story actually and i erased another one because that person is not very important at the moment.

3. weight loss is going great.

4. my back hurts... i think i slept wrong somehow.

5. went swimming yesterday.

6. still need a job! i feel so worthless without one.

7. Fall out boy makes me happy because i love the guy's voice and they are so poppy. hehe man am i ever a dork.

8. Pop-ups suck.

9. can't wait till my class starts i need to do something with myself.

10. i got a new watch yesterday! its pink. so that means to collection of colorful cheap watches is going great.

11. i miss you kelz. i wish you lived closer or that i had a car.

love, peace, and chicken grease. There is blocking to do of the buddy lists.

Friday, May 21, 2004


"A fucking waste of my time is all that you've become to me." - Matchbook Romance

so i -just- now realized that i hate dial-up and i miss ethernet (spelling?) anywho. my stomach is one of those i am upset type of hurts...*sarcastically* dont you just fucking -love- those?

Anywho, yeah i totally just got home a few minutes ago...i had a fucking great rocked...and i really mean that too. I met some cool fucking people and i argued with some guy that i didnt know..hehe and i met a really hot one that seemed interested in a way and said "come back sometime to hang out" *scoffs* yeah i know what that means. anywho it wont happen i mean yeah he is hott but do i look like a slut? honestly. if i do let me know. So yeah i just realized that it is more fun to be in a totally awesome mood and fuck with people that are high instead of actually being high. Daniel wanted us dead tonite i think, he played this game where i have to steer while he leaves his foot on the gas and closes his eyes and i have to tell him to slow down or speed up. Then he wonders why he has been in 17 wrecks since he got his license 3 years ago. I love him to death but sometimes i dont know about him. He is so dumb he complains about all of the weight that he has gained and yet he eats -so- much. OMG speaking of which my diet and exercise plans are going great. Just great! i have already seen differences...this summer is the summer of me and improvements. :D it just ocurred to me that this is something that i put in my other journal.

Man i hate not having a makes me feel so worthless. *shrugs* i also hate how i am using these: ** now instead of these: ~ ~ eh oh well. Damn you gabe rubbing off on me and kelz! she did it the other day too! aww. if there is anyone i miss from school it is kelz. i mean yeah i miss everyone i guess and i -really- wanna go back but kelz is just one of those know? i luv ya honey, i luv ya. I also LOVE kelly...HAPPY BIRTHDAY and sorry that i couldnt make it there. I really wanted to and i told you that i would...if i had my own car i would have been there in a heartbeat...i hope all is well and that it went great.

so i was talking to jennie and she was telling me about how they went to the beach last night (which i didnt get to go because my mom was really pissed off and i was was just a -really- bad day and that is what made me pissed is that i couldnt hang with my friends) anywho, sorry dont mean to ramble i am a little hyper i think i will workout in a second *zoom in* okay back to the story... so when they were about to leave the beach she went in the car with the girls because she said that she figured that she needed to have more girlfriends...well, she realized why it is that she doesnt have that many other than me and katie (sometimes), they were supposedly being really annoying and know like those girls that do that girl stuff...i have no other way of explaining it but you should get the idea. SO then i was like yeah i know what you mean and then i told her that she just had to meet kelz. Kelz is one of "us" except for the whole mexican thing. Except that me and jennie hate mexicans and we are but not really, and i have explained to you the type of mexicans that we dont like so i dont want to hear anyone bitching about how i am a racist bitch. i also hate black people (so does jennie) other than shawn (aww i miss shawn) and this guy named mike that i met tonight. Some black people are okay and i dont judge right when i see them but you know it is one of those specific types that i was talking about. anywho...jennie is so damn cute...all i have to say is that some guys are crazy boyfriends *cough* paul *cough*, *ponders* and there are a few other names that come to mind also.

So check out the pics on (for the password contact me somehow, bitches, you know the number) the s/n is the same as AIM: ThisLizGirl i have one of me and jen it is under the victoria she not hott? she said that she thought that she looked stupid in it but i personally think that it is one of the best ones that we have taken in a long time. I just realized that i dont have a pic of me and kelz actually together posing for the camera *tear* there is only the one of me and her at the door for her suprise but i look like a retard, but the expression on her face is just priceless. Sounds like a mastercard commercial eh? i will get one of me and her on my bday...when all you bitches come down here. well i think i have babbled on enough and now i am going to write in my other journal...the one you will -never- read...there is some psycho shit in there. k peace.

PS i find it hilarious that i have just gotten home and my siblings are just waking up for school and shit. hehe.

hmm i just read over this and i just noticed that i really like that word "realized"

Thursday, May 20, 2004

alright so i kinda have photobucket up and running there are still a few things that needs some i cant figure out what the hell i did with the "Victoria" album *shrugs* so if you want the password message me when i am online or call the know the number or you should at least. job. eh oh well. maybe i am destined to be broke for the rest of my life...well at least for the summer. i went swimming i swam forever and now i am tired. so if i dont get a job warped tour for me *tear* and mom will take my cell phone *gasps*. oh well shit happens.

so my sister moved back in today. thank god i am only here till august i wish i was leaving sooner though. i already just want to go back and start my new classes to bring my GPA up and i have a bet going with my bro that i can get a 4.0 on next semesters classe's and so we'll see ...maybe him because 1. he is at a college -i- am at a university and 2. i am taking english...i -hate- english there is a chance for a B *shrugs* i did however do better than him and my sister in high school. *ponders for a sec* i will beat him screw that. i am liz.

Doctor said no nipple what the hell you only live once right? i am gonna do it anyway...hehe. me and jennie are doing it together. *whines* man i need a job.

Alright peeps love, peace, and chicken grease. It is bed time for the sleepy liz.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

still dont have a job so of course all i have been doing is sitting on my ass at home and watching tv and then i party....-all- i do here is party...zanex is great and i have still not drank anything...nor have i gotten high...yay me. I just got back from another party and man was i fucked up. i need a fucking job.

I went on my diet a few days ago and i have been working out for a few days too. my doctor told me that if i lose 30 pounds in 3 months that i will get 390 dollars from of course i have lost 3 pounds already.

I went and registered for my class for the first summer me tell you about it. it was great fun though. GPA at
Texas State went down :( oh well i did it to myself but it is still above a 3 so that is good...i will make up for it next semester.

I have sent my pictures to get developed (the ones from kelz' bday and stuff) i will have them on wed and i will scan them and put them up on photobucket or something and then leave the s/n and password on my blog. eh life is okay here i wish i had a car so that i can see kelly on her bday...sorry that didnt work out kel! I love you. oh yeah FUCK THE LAKERS. Rock.

He is hott, he is cool but he fucking listens to rap music and he fucking smokes...what an asshole.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

so yeah life sucks when you have nothing to do...i got my new bed it is awesome..and my room is too...i got it all fixed up now...and clean! I hung out with jennie last night...i love that kid. All is well and i am hoping that is all is well with all you people who have nothing better to do then to read my blog. i already want to go back i hate victoria...but the cool thing is i am getting a hair cut on friday and i am being treated to jason's deli...mmm...cheese and brocolli soup. yeah i have nothing else to say...dont forget to get warped tour tickets peeps! it will be awesome. Rock.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


kinda depressing to not be at home for mother's day for the first time. it's cool i will be tomorrow. Anyway, Time to Study! Peace out.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

"Thank you for the card, mija. i cried, your dad cried, anna cried, and the dog even cried." My Mom talking about the mother's day card that i sent her

so i just got done packing most of my i am really bummed out. No more Action Jackson. Blanco will be badass though. I am starting to think that no really reads this one ever comments. oh well. It's really wierd although i really dont like victoria i am kinda glad that i am going home. I will see the majority of my peeps over the summer...warped tour is gonna be badass.

you know what when your roomate comes in at 5 o'clock in the morning and she thinks that you are asleep and starts making out with a guy and then starts giggling uncontrolably. I am happy for her though she really likes that guy. i cant say that i have never done anything with someone else in the room but i -know- that person was asleep and i dont giggle all the time and i made sure to keep quiet. Maybe that is what i get...karma is working at me. I am not really gonna complain too much because kelz has had it worse and thats all that i have to keep telling myself.

time to study and get this last final of my freshman year in the can.

Friday, May 07, 2004

"That's my daughter that you just gave an ugly look to, you stupid bitch!" - Kelz's mom talking to kat

so i am bummed...kelz moved out today. Gabe, if you are reading this she told me to tell you bye and to have a good summer. yeah and i have those notes when you want to come and get them they are all yours, they are really good too there is no way that you will need your book or the study guide.

Anywho i am -way- too tired to even finish typing...;oiagh;aG AJEK;OG lakd sfoihr agb xmnbwgoia

that means peace out.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

i have a fucking headache...and that sux because there is studying that needs to get done. I am gonna cry again today i just know it...Friends finale is on in a few and i cried yesterday with the finale of the OC. Man, i hate how fucking emotional i have been lately...emotions suck. well all is well i guess i cant say i love it there are a few things that i wish could be different...but dont we all? i am really getting excited about next year though...anywho i am off!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"a fucking waste of my time is all that you've become to me." - MatchbookRomance

so yeah finals suck...i have just decided...and nazi teachers suck worse.
cant wait to go to
tonite...this should be fun.
Kelz is leaving friday :( oh well i will see her in a few weeks for kelly's bday.
People suck...that is all.

"Oh my god i look pathetic tonight." - SavesTheDay

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

1. I am really starting to feel tired...the sun can take a lot out of you when you are in it and swimming takes a lot out of you too.

2. Studying is coming along only if i will actually study.

3. I can't wait to be home in my new bed.

4. The greatest song by weezer is "Only in Dreams".

5. I am really enjoying my new watch and scarf.

6. Must get mom mother's day card...because she is great.

7. Hahaha...Nicole didnt like Choke...she should have known better she knew that she wasnt a fan of Satires like myself.

8. I should have just ended on 7...that is my favorite number.

9. I must finish typing up this notes...Ciao!

- So is he gay or what?
- Uh...we think he is anti-straight.
- hahah...i have never heard that before.

So I bought a really cute new watch today...i love it and the way that it lights up is really cool. I have decided that i am gonna start a collection of cute and cheap watches. So far i have a green one, a blue one and that nice fossil one (which was not cheap...fucking fossils)...i now plan on getting a yellow, orange, pink, purple and all sorts of other colors. Mmm i love colors! I am really excited about my bed sheets for next year...those are gonna be fun too. The best part about them was when i told my mom about what i wanted for bed sheets... she thinks that i am off. hehe. So when i was talking to my mom today she told me that i am getting a brand new bed at home. Can't wait i am tired of these crappy beds here in the dorm...and the new one won't be a broken in sex bed either. ew. Anywho. I get to go swimming tomorrow! yay!

wanna hear something funny?
I was watching jay leno and he had that thing where he talks about stupid criminals...and well what can i say? you gotta love 'em. (stupid people)
So there was this guy who went in to rob a 7-11 and well the lady at the cash register asked the guy 'dont you have to be over the age of 16 to rob a store?' So like a dumbass the guy pulled out his license and showed it to her to prove that he was over the age of 16. She looked at his license and remembered his information and when he left she called the cops and turned him in. Man, you just have to love stupid people...they are the best source of entertainment.

K so maybe i will finish some of my study guides...ciao!

Monday, May 03, 2004


So i am feeling a little guilty about a couple of things...

I feeling guilty about even doubting a great friendship.
I -really- do value it.
I glad that you work the way you do.
It makes me happy that you are in my life.
I have many shoulders to cry on.
I am glad that you arent and are one of them at the same time.
I definately love how i was told there is no reason to be emotional about it.
I am fortunate to have you tell me how it is.
I am glad that you can help me out by being the asshole that you are.
I love and hate the way that you are always right and that i never win.
It makes me happy when you piss me off about the things that really dont matter.
I am glad that you can put me in a good mood by just being you.
I am glad to see that you care.
I know you were busy but you came anyway.
This is my thank you to you.
Most of all this is my apology to you.
The one that you get to see.
My apology for doubting you.
Thanks for just being there but above all thanks for being you.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

So most people who know me know that when i am pissed off or bothered by something i clean. Well, today was a day of cleaning for me...and lots of it too. I even offered Carolyn to clean her side of the room. I think that a lot of me cleaning had everything to do with the fact that when i woke up this afternoon at 2 all i did was watch like 4 hours of tv. I think that i just needed to feel like i was doing something productive. My finals are going to be a joke so i am not too concerned with buckling down to study just yet. I found a penny today when i was cleaning maybe i will have luck...and hopefully with something that havent had too much luck with lately. ~clears throat~ so yeah...can someone tell me why in the hell it is so cold outside and we are already in the month of may? Doesnt matter i am still going swimming on monday. There is a comedian tomorrow at the glade theatre @ 8:30 and a band or might be cool so you should go if you is going to be cold though. I hate Jackson...thank god there is only a little over a week left of it. Anywho i will still miss this place...maybe.
PS nicole is a nazi and i have herpes.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

I've never...

This game is fun to play when you are bored on a bus or drunk...

I've never been drunk.
I've never smoked pot.
I've never kissed a member of the opposite sex.
I've never kissed a member of the same sex.(k...never made out with one but i have kissed my mom, sisters, aunts, grandma, and know mexicans they always great each other with a kiss.)
I've never crashed a friend's car.
I've never been to japan.
I've never been to
I've never ridden in a taxi.
I've never been in love. ( i have seen the potential for it happening but things happen before you can get there...sux but oh well.)
I've never been dumped.
I've never shoplifted.
I've never been in a fight. (physical and verbal...come on i have a lot of siblings.)
I've never had a threesome.
I've never snuck out of my parent's house.
I've never pissed on myself. (i was a kid)
I've never been arrested.
I've never made out with a stranger. (trust that i will never do that again.)
I've never been on a blind date.
I've never lied to a friend.
I've never had a crush on a teacher. (he was a coach from my old high school...yummy)
I've never skipped school.
I've never thrown up in public.
I've never purposely set a part of myself on fire.
I've never eaten sushi.
I've never been happy with myself.
I've never met a movie star.
I've never cheated in any test/exams. (never had to)
I've never confessed my feelings to anyone before. (i think i might stop doing that...i cant stand getting hurt from it...eventually)
I've never run away from home.