Tuesday, March 30, 2004

so today was okay i guess except now i am starting to freak out, man! I woke up at like 11 this morning by the nazi next door (i love you, nicole!) I went to bed at like 1 in the morning after an interesting trip to IHOP with Gabe, Phil and none other than KELSEA! Suprisingly i only had water! I know...i know...what a shock!? anywho...i went and ate with nicole at Harris (the greatest dining hall on this campus!) for lunch today and in the middle of our meal Lucky the Leprachan (the one that sells lucky charms) was there and there was a woman asking if we wanted to have our picture taken with him and another guy there asking if we wanted cereal. So i told nicole lets go and take a picture with him and she was like okay...so we got up and went over there and get this....while we were taking the picture that fucking leprachan slipped his had onto my ass and in my mind i was like 'what the hell!?!?!' So we take the picture from the woman and started to walk away and nicole told me that he touched her boob! what the fuck!?!?! Yeah and this is what today's youth is having fun with. So i no longer have respect for that fucking leprachan and i hope that his pot of gold gets stolen from him and that he gets wrapped around a tree and has people lick marshmellows and stick them to his body and have every insect and anmial do nasty things to him. Anywho...enough about that....so yeah work still sux...the good news is that i dont have to work for the rest of the week...and today went by pretty quick because i stayed busy. AND GABE! If you get an A on that speech test i will kill you .... i got a fucking B what that hell is that all about? i knew that shit soooo well! Fuck it i have decided to give up on the rest of this semester....so now i have to study for that anthro test on friday...well maybe that means that i havent given up...oh well. Peace out!

P.S. 4 days till Kelsea's Birthday!
3 days till Matchbook Romance!

Monday, March 29, 2004

yeah so i have a blog...i never thought that i would but i was finally manipulated into doing it...so yeah. Anyway today was a very tiring day i have been up since 6:30 this morning...yeah i know what the hell was i thinking but i really had to read. I think i did well on my exam for speech though so that was a plus. I have always hated my job and now i hate the people that i work with so i am definately not looking to work there next year. Last night was pretty cool other than the annoyings that were in my room dyeing hair while i was trying to study...thank God that gabe was in his room and helped me study with some peace and quiet! I mean...i dont want to be a bitch or anything i would just rather have them have some fricking respect every once in a while! Oh well i guess that is what you get when you have a spoiled roomate and have her best friend (who lives across the hall) be a bitch and also be spoiled...fuck them. So yeah last night was cool when i was hanging with gabe...we got over a lot of tension that has been there since we broke up and everything is cool again...that excites me because now i can get along with him the way that it was before we got together and i love it that way...because he is a great guy and i would hate to lose him...he is one of my best friends here (other than nicole and kelz)...so yeah. Well, i have to workout and start studying for a test on friday...and God once i get through that test my life will be great because i get to see one of my favorite bands play @ the backroom in Austin...that is the only thing that is gonna keep me going for the rest of the week...well peace out!

Yay liz got a blogger!