Thursday, September 14, 2006


"If you work with your hands, you're a laborer. If you work with your hands and mind, you're a craftsmen. If you work with your hands, mind and heart, you're an artist."

-W. Kraemer

Monday, September 04, 2006


I really would love to have a dog. I just wish I had the time for one.

A lot has happened. I will be making a post soon enough.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


You see that? That's my crazy schedule for the semester. The only thing not listed on there is time that I will take to workout/study/eat/take another 3 hours online through correspondence. Math I like, but 2 jobs + 18 hours is Math I don't like thinking about.

Fortunately for me, I got to keep my summer job on campus and still return to the academy. I will be working on campus most during the week and then I will work at the Academy everyday. At the Academy, Sunday through Thursday is tutoring and then Fridays, some Saturdays, and Sundays (before tutoring) I will RA. This is my life, this is my life.

I have been slacking on my working out these past couple of weeks. My car was broken, the pool closed for a week, and now I am waiting on a commuter pass in the mail and blah blah blah. It sucks, because I have only lost 7 lbs this entire summer and if I would have kept up with it these past couple of weeks maybe I could have made 10. That was the goal for the summer at least.

With this hectic schedule and the small meals I will be eating maybe it will help my metabolism. I am expecting to lose weight without a problem as long as I workout at least an hour everyday. It's possible. Yes, I know I talk about my weight a lot but only because I need/want to lose it all. This time it's because I'm going to be in three weddings in the next two years. Three!

First day of classes were nice. I am going to like my Number Theory course. It's an honors class so it's a lot smaller and there is no text book required. Who like not buying text books? Me, Me, ME!

My Political Science professor seems way too unsure about herself. This is her first big class (she is a graduate student here) and you can totally tell. She was really nervous when she was going over the syllabus.

My Biology professor looks like, who I would like to call "my second dad," Tammo in The Netherlands. He seems cool. It's always too soon to tell how any class will go at this point, but I am shooting for Dean's List as usual.

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Do you like this bear? His name is Makwa and he's awesome. I wish he was my bear. I like him a lot. Who doesn't like a bear that's more than half your size?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


but only for the time being. Things will get better like always. I just don't understand why it has to pour so hard when it rains.

My birthday party is still coming along nicely. Olga and I picked up one keg shell last night. The party is still going to be the 28th. Since I can't have the boxing ring then I don't want anything else and I decided that I wouldn't have any fun with a moon bounce. So, the party will just be another one of those keggers.

Other than almost turning 21 life pretty much sucks right now. Too much has happened as far as bad things go. It mainly has to do with financial issues and those always suck.

My car is broken...again. This time it wasn't anyone's fault and I don't know what happened. I promise I didn't do anything wrong. My brother and my dad (who are awesome) came last night to tow it to Victoria. I am going to be car-less for a week or so.

Hopefully they can get it fixed by the time I move into my new apartment next week. Then when they come up here to help me move I can go back with them to bring my car back.

I'm excited about moving into my new apartment but I am not excited about all of the money I am going to be spending within the next two weeks. Does anyone want to give me like a million dollars? I could be your bitch.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have too much to talk about to type it all out but there is one important thing that I want you to be in on. My birthday is coming up, bitches and the birthday party is coming along nicely. The location is final and so is the date. My birthday is Sunday the 30th but the party is going to be Friday the 28th. Invites will be through facebook, myspace, or phone calls if you have neither of those.

We had to nix the idea of the summo wrestling suits with the inflatable boxing ring. The reason for that is becuase it's July so it'll probably be somewhat hot on top of the fact that we are going to be drinking. I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to have people share suits if they are going to be sweating in them. Gross.

So plan B was to get just the boxing ring with the oversized boxing gloves and the guys that are hosting the party said that was a no go. I didn't even think about it but it makes sense. There are a lot of violent drunks these days that could possibly end up taking it seriously. The boxing gloves would come off and we can't take the chance of people really fighting. Some guys just have those egos when it comes to even play fighting. It sometimes ends up bad.

I am hoping that maybe we could just do a moon bounce now. I have to run it by the hosts first to get an approval. If that doesn't happen then it's not a big deal but it would be fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I have a lot of people helping as far as kegs go. So far we have 3 completely taken care of and we are working on the last one, but at this point I think that last one is a definite. So a 4 keg party at a bad ass house with all of my bad ass friends and good music. There's no way it won't be fun.

If you didn't know, Olga and I are having this party together. We share the same birthday except that she is a year older than me. If you haven't met Olga then you will at the party; she's awesome. So, just to warn you in advance, this party will be big and there's no doubt about it. I can't wait! If you don't go it's because you aren't one of the cool kids. That's not my fault though, it's yours. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


...and all arounds.

I don't know where to begin. Spain was cool, but I think I made that clear in the last post. The Netherlands was better though. I will post about that more later when I have pictures and get the chance. It'll be a happy post too. I promise.

As for now I'm upset and need to write out my aggressions. So I'm back in the states. From everything I was hearing in emails while I was in Spain I was expecting to come home with no worries. It's amazing how much lying, shit and crap that can accumulate in 5 weeks of absence.

First of all, my car is shot to shit. The back door is broken, so is the antenna, there was a crazy noise coming from the front tire, and the fans went out. Just today I must have dished out over 500 dollars or so on getting everything fixed. Let me remind you that I have no job right now and I wasn't the one using the car for the past five weeks.

Now, if I wasn't the one using the car and none of those things were problems before I left then why do I have to pay for it? The answer: no one else will. I'm not sure if I want to talk about it anymore because it will only make it worse. It's a long story but one that I don't want to type. I try to be the good person and in the end I'm the one that gets fucked.

Secondly, today I just found out that one of my roommates for the fall decided to bail on me to live with someone else. This was even after I was told not to worry about anything. This was even after I was told that we would still live together. This was pretty much just after I had her word...her promise. I'm always let down by people I never expect to be let down by.

The only good thing that happened to me today was getting my haircut to donate to Locks of Love. At least I can't complain about that. After all it was a free haircut. It saved me a whopping 10 bucks. Oh yeah and it was nice that I got to see Rene. Then again that wasn't so great either. Seeing Rene was awesome but not being able to touch him and having to speak through a telephone the whole time just isn't the same.

When I get back to San Marcos tomorrow I need to get a pass to the rec, do defensive driving, and find at least 2 jobs. Two of those things require money and the last thing indicates that I have no money. What are the odds?

I think I'm going to just drink some cream soda and go to bed. Welcome back to the states, me. I would have been better off in Europe even though they don't have cream soda.

Monday, June 05, 2006


So I figured that I should post a little seeing as how I haven´t since right before I left the states. I have very little internet access so I am going to just blame it on that.

So Spain is cool. I like it here. The culture differences amaze me and it´s so interesting. Unfortunately five weeks isn´t enough to teach me all that I want to know about Spanish but it´s enough to make me understand and speak it a little more. It would take much longer here before I became fluent.

I´ve come to the conclusion that five weeks is also not enough to see everything that I want to see. I´m going to have to come back sometime after grad school and find me a novio. There is something in the gene pool here that the states is lacking because Spanish boys are so hot (minus all the ones that have mullets...gross). I don´t know if I want to talk about it. All I know is that I want one.

So far we (Michelle and I) have been to Salamanca, Burgos, Segovia, Madrid, and we live in Valldolid. My two gig memory stick for my cybershot definitely came in handy. I have some really good pics so far and a few video clips. Segovia was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. Unfortunately we didn´t spend a lot of time in Madrid but we at least got to go to the Prado museum and the Reina Sofia museum.

I would talk more about these places but there is just so much to say and so little time. We have this week of classes and next week and we´re done. That means that we have two weeks till we are back in the states. This coming weekend we are going to Barcelona and it´s going to be bad ass. More importantly we are going to Amsterdam the last weekend we´re here. I´m fucking stoked. All in all it´s been a great trip and we still have shit to look forward to.

Michelle turned 21 while we were here and that was nice. I turn 21 this July and it´s going to be wonderful. If everything goes as planned (which it should) it´ll be fun. So far we want to get the inflatible boxing rings with the summo wrestlers outfits and the huge boxing gloves. We should be having at least two kegs and Clare wants a margarita machine. And it´s at Clare´s place. I can´t wait.

So yeah I miss my car, gardettos, ranch dressing, San Marcos, american money, and I kinda miss working. Then again when I get back to all of that in the states I´m going to miss a lot of Spain. I´m going to miss the fucking oranges here the most. If you have never had an orange from Spain than put it on your list of this to fucking do before you die. It´s so worth it. More importantly I miss my friends and my mom.

I´ve written enough. Love, peace, and chicken grease.